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Thank You M'amLewin R.0Response to Literature
Abuela Invents the ZeroGuillermo M.0Response to Literature
The PartyElialdy J.0Response to Literature
Raymond's RunYesenia G.0Response to Literature
Raymond's RunAngel G.0Response to Literature
Henry's Freedom BoxWilliam R.0Response to Literature
SwimmyYosthin P0Response to Literature
Fly Away Home - by Eve BuntingLisette M.0Response to Literature
Ramona and the apples Beverly clearly0Response to Literature
Ramona and the Apples Beverly Cleary0Response to Literature
Reading ResponseMs. Kumm0Response to Literature
Parents choose mostly what to do but teens disagreeJonathan B.0Response to Literature
Family care for one another without a reasonCheyenne Oberman0Response to Literature
Events don’t always come out to be what people expect it to be.Patrick G. 0Response to Literature
Response to literatureAstri0Response to Literature
our expectations of people should inclued more then we assume.marie hernandez0Response to Literature
Never think ahead of timelahionel abreu0Response to Literature
Treat things with love and care, just like they need it.Christopher Casimiro0Response to Literature
. Sometimes parents have to make tough choices to teach their children responsibilities. catherine filpo0Response to Literature
one must all ways forgive when one wants to move onNia Nicole Walton0Response to Literature
sometimes struggling is a sign of responsebilitySarahi Holguin0Response to Literature
Both stories show how people are sometimes surpised when the things they expect don’t always happenedwin sanchez0Response to Literature
response to literature jalen0Response to Literature
Response To LiteraturDalberto Rodriguez0Response to Literature
do expect thing that are unexpectedstephany veras 0Response to Literature