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Each family cares and loves one another even if they fight Rafael Garcia0Response to Literature
Everybody should be more mature in order to be prepared for what life has in store for them.shaka machado0Response to Literature
people dont expect the unexpected because things arent always what they seemsidonie larsen0Response to Literature
Expect the unexpected because people are unpredictableDylan De Las Nueces0Response to Literature
A person has to respect something they love no matter what happens. liana munoz 0Response to Literature
Always do the Right Thing Instead of the Wrong thingErnestina B.0Response to Literature
Not Everythings PerfectAmbar Salcedo0Response to Literature
People have to learn from there mistakes. ryan nunea0Response to Literature
Actions can lead to good or bad consequencesBrian Collado0Response to Literature
we work hard to acheve thingsAlbert Gonzalez0Response to Literature
expect the unexpectedEvelio Vinasco0Response to Literature
In life not everything you want comes easyChelsea Matos0Response to Literature
Final essay Michelle gomez 0Response to Literature
There's Always A Price To PayIvy Nunez0Response to Literature
you should help pne another in things!Scarlet Evangelista0Response to Literature
While Growing Up Things May Not Go Your WayGlen Martinez0Response to Literature
learning from your mistakesJesus roldan0Response to Literature
Not Everything Is PerfectAmbar L. Salcedo 0Response to Literature
Sometimes You Just Don't Get What You WantNaomi Payano0Response to Literature
Young People Learn From Their MistakesAdem Gutic0Response to Literature
Response to LiteratureAmbar L. Salcedo0Response to Literature
Being ResposibleYamira Lora0Response to Literature
trust is a very powerful wordby jaileen pared0Response to Literature
Do not expect the unexpectedAlex c0Response to Literature