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Tenngares Are Not Always What You Except They Are!Steven Jimenez0Response to Literature
Always think about your actions before their done.Brian Collado0Response to Literature
protect the people that protect youariel j.0Response to Literature
People Can Learn From Their MistakesBryant Espinal0Response to Literature
" Thank You Ma'm v.s Rayomnd's Run"Felixaviel Hernandez0Response to Literature
Expect the UnexpectedJosue Blanco0Response to Literature
Everybody Cares About Someone In LifeScarlett Pena0Response to Literature
Things May Not Go Your WayDarlene Rivas0Response to Literature
"You Can't Always Get What You Want"vickizh0Response to Literature
"Bad Things Can Often Lead to Positive Outcomes"nicolera0Response to Literature
"Holes" and "Thank You Ma'am"vecheslavki0Response to Literature
Appalling Things Can Often Lead To Positive Outcomes.haasherwa0Response to Literature
A Good Theme for Two Storiesdanielbl0Response to Literature
Theme of Holes and Thank You ma'amamywu0Response to Literature
Bad things can lead to positive outcomesjenniferyu0Response to Literature
"Think Before You Do"carmenma0Response to Literature
Bad Things Can Lead To Good Thingsbrianwi1Response to Literature
Bad Thing Can Often Lead To Good Thingswilsonxi1Response to Literature
Think Before You Do justinma10Response to Literature
"Bad Things Can lLead To Positive Out comes"royli2Response to Literature
Think Before You Doalexwo5Response to Literature
essaygeorgepe0Response to Literature
You Cannot Always Get What You Want With Out Having To Earn Itjianyu0Response to Literature
Mother and Daughter to Thank You M'am Xuanjia Fanxuanjiafa0Response to Literature
You should never stop helping othersjawaadja10Response to Literature