Romans poems


 My 5th grade graduation       

 Bright light blinded me

  People talking

We were singing

Why did they make us sing?

I was happy

We were singing                  

Wearing our graduation outfit

People cheer

Everyone is happy

 I graduated                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Roads so many of them                                      

Where do they lead any where

No body knows where                                    


 Poetry hides

Poetry hides in the silky pattern of a spider's web

Poetry hides in the twinkle of a shiny star

Poetry hides in the Olympic shiny gold medal

Poetry hides in an imaginary place called a dream

Poetry hides any where just look.

                             I am

I am like a blue jay that soars through the air

I am a rainy day that's not fair

As smart as a germen shepherd

As friendly as a dog

I rock and role like a guitar

 I am spider man savior of the day

I am night nice and dark

I glow red when I am angry

I'm a summer day that is very nice

I am as fast as a sports car

      This is what I am

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