When I first met my boyfriend

Genesis Cabrera                                                                                                                             

When I first met Fernando. It was a cold day and he went to my building. I was with my friend. First we were talking, then we went to my friends boyfriends house, so us four were there and I looked kind of sad, so Fernando went to my face and I remember he asked me “ What’s wrong beautiful? “  I said, “nothing.”

            Then he stole a kiss from me. "Oh my god" I thought to myself.  It was so funny the way he did it, because I didn’t even know.  Then I started to argue with him, but I really didn’t meant too. I was laughing (inside). Then we were hugging each other. 

            “I’m leaving" he said.

            "Okay," I replied.

             I walked him to the door outside the building. We were talking and saying bye to each other.  Then he left. I went  home. I swear it was one of my favorite moments