When I Attacked Jason Perez!


One day in after school, it was time to go to activities which includes; basketball, volleyball and all kinds of different sports.  I was very mad for some reason.  Jason started to bother me and calling me stuff I didn’t like.

Then, I warned him saying I was going to beat him up.  But, he kept on bothering me.  Next, I got so mad that when Jason touched me, I got up, ran, and scratched him right in his face. I didn’t really mean to.  But, I did. It was funny because Jason fell on the floor and made a hilarious face.  

He thought he was bleeding also.  Vickiana and Adriana were holding me back because I wanted to hit him more & they were laughing like crazy.  When, he got up we all started laughing and that was my day, because I finally taught Jason a lesson.                                                                                                 

The End =]