When I Went to Yonkers with my Brothers and Sister


       An important part of my life was when my brother, my sister and I went to the movies in Yonkers to watch Ironman. Before we went to the movies I was working with my father from eight to five o’clock in the afternoon. Then we all got ready.  When we were all done showering and getting ready, we asked my father if we could go to Yonkers. He said, "yah can go, but not to the one in 161st because there are too many problems going on there."  We suggested the theatere Yonkers and my father approved, giving us the okay. 

        Then my big brother went and got my father’s car then we drove over there. We got out the car. Then we started walking, but we did not find the theater.  We realized we were lost. So we decided to ask a lady that we saw and she gave us directions.  She instructed us to go back to where our car was parked and go through the mall and cross the street.  She said it would be right there. My brother thanked her.

       Then we walked back to the mall as the lady pointed out, came out and were at the theater. We checked the time and realized that the movie had already started. The movie started at 11:oo at night. My brother called my father and told him,"the movie starts at 11:00 pm."

       "Isn’t there another movie yah can watch," we told him yes and my father told us to go and have fun. So we got the tickets to see the Indiana Jones movie. When the movie started, we all realized how hungry we were, but everything was expensive. So we decided not to buy anything. So when the movie   finished it was crowded. Before we left we took a walk. Then we walked to the car got inside and left. When we got home we greeted our mother and father. They asked us how the movie was and we told them how it was crazy. Then we ate something and then fell asleep.  It was one of the best moments of my life.