“My Favorite Cousin”


        My favorite person is my cousin. It was few years ago that we use to live right across from each other. At that time we even used to go to the same school.  It was so funny because we used to get in trouble at the same time because we used to do the same thing at school.

         We even shared a lot of things from doing homework to playing together. We sometimes used to even wear the same color clothes. I also remember when he used to come to my house or I used to go to his house.  We even took turns sleeping over in each other’s house. After time passed and we both grew up we had more fun than ever.  From going to the pool to play our favorite sport or our similar love for playing basketball, we did the things that most family members love and enjoy doing.

         We even had a lot of conversations and told each other things that we used to do when we were on our separate ways.  It’s been a minute that he had moved and we don’t often see each other like we used to, but we still communicate through the computer over emails/aim.  Last summer that just passed we were able to enjoy ourselves and we even went to places that we went to when were both kids and couldn't go.  That’s why he's my favorite person. He's not the only one I love, of course I love all my family members but the way I was raised and grew up with my cousin makes it more than just that“cousin”…                               

The end