Great Teacher of Mine :)


      Mr. Annunziato in my opinion was the most inspirable, greatest, funniest, teacher I ever had in my life, so far. The reason why I write this is because he made my 4th grade year the best.  For example, I learned so much from him and I also became the president of the school because of him, and last but not least, he inspired me to be a good person.

       I remember one moment in 4th grade; it was the time of the year to choose president and vice president of the school.  Being the president is way better than vice president.  My class and Mr. Annunziato (by the way teacher’s are not suppose to vote), voted me for class president.  Ms.Gill picked me up and the other entire nominee’s.  It was a code of silence; everyone was just staring at us or each other. There were at least, 10 other students from each 4th grade class in the school, next to me.   

            Well, I kind of forgot how it went, but it narrowed down to a boy named Justin and I. Ms. Gill announced, “now Adriana and Justine are the finalists.”  So, I told Mr. Annunziato, he was happy. He screamed, “Now Let the Battle Begin”!  I got really excited.  Ms.Gill told us that we had to write a persuasive letter and we have to read it. In front of the whole 3rd and 4th grade by next week. 

            While, I began to write my letter, Mr. Annunziato whispered to me, “Write a little white lie, because that’s how all advertisements get business”. 

So, my little white lie was to tell everyone that I am going to talk to the principal to add more time for recess.

            So, I put that, and some other stuff I don’t remember; I liked it. Next, after a week worth of work (it felt like only 5 minutes) it was time to share what I’ve been writing to the school.  I was so nervous that I felt like a washing machine because of the way I was shivering. 

            Oh-no, it was my turn I thought to myseld.  I went up to the podium; looking at everyone and everything.  Then, I looked at Mr. Annunziato and he said something to me and I read his lips.  He said, “You can do it.” I smiled and that’s when I felt confident, I started talking for about 1 minute (It felt like an hour).    

I told everyone my little white lie, and all I heard was people cheering and Mr. Annunziato laughing.  I was laughing too because Mr. Annunziato and I both knew that it wasn’t going to happen. 

            After that, we went upstairs. The whole school was voting and the hallways were so quiet you couldn't barely hear a pin drop. 

            The day went quick. Soon it was already tomorrow, Ms. Gill picked us up. 

This was it, the moment, I thought. Ms. Gill screamed, "and the winner is by 1 point, whoa one point, I know is... ADRIANA!"    

             I was so happy and surprised that I ran up the stairs and I told Mr.Annunziato.  He hugged me and said, “Good job kiddo, I’m proud of you,” and that’s when I noticed, Oh my god, this dude is tall!   Of course I was only thinking that… so, I replied "thank you."  After that, the rest if the year was a blast.

            That’s one of my stories for one of the most important people in my life. Even though I haven’t seen Mr. Annunziato for a while, I will always remember him, and one question I never found out was: “is he from Ireland or Italy?"   

I guess I will never know now, but I adore him ^_^

                                                          The End