Tragedy at the corner


          I was walking home, when all of the sudden I saw people running to the corner. I didn’t want to be an instigator, but the suspension didn’t let me go home. I was afraid to see what was going on, but I decided to go take a look. As I walked to the corner more and more people gathered.    

          When I got there, I saw a cute little girl on the floor. She was bleeding from her forehead.  You could even see meat from inside her running through her face. She was wearing a pink shirt, blue jeans, and pink and white sneakers.

          ”A car hit her as she was trying to cross the street.”  A guy in the crowd said. Her mom was crying in pain next to her on the floor. I could tell that the women was her mom because they looked very alike .The little girl had her eyes closed. I was so shocked; my mouth was opened the whole time.  

         After about 7 minutes the ambulance came and took the title girl and her mom. I felt so bad, just by looking at the little girl’s mom, I realized that the little girl really wasn’t a bad person as I walked home; I thought to myself “why do bad things always happen to good people.” I tried to not think about the incident, but I was just too overwhelmed. That moment really made me think. =[                                                                            


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