The first time I went to Wal-Mart


           It was Friday night, I told my dad to drive use to Wal-Mart. He said, “ok but let’s not take too long.”  Yes, finally we are going to Wal-Mart I thought. My dad took us to Wal-Mart and we couldn’t find a parking space. We asked a guy “do you know where the parking spaces are?” He replied “it’s up there.” Thank you we all said.Then we took the elevator but we didn’t know which buttons go to Wal-Mart. We started pressing buttons.           We are going to take forever finding the Wal-Mart button I thought. A guy came in the elevator, so we had to ask him which of the buttons is for Wal-Mart because there were a lot of stores inside the place. He said that is was that one. ^the buttons was right in front of our faces, but hey we were new going to Wal-Mart we didn’t know anything. We had to ask a lot of people to tell them were the things are at.             

          We got out of the elevator and I almost tripped, it was funny. So my dad and I were looking for a cart to put things in. My dad was thirsty, so he bought a soda, it was Pepsi. I drank and I was talking so much that my mom slapped me in the mouth just to shut up. I started to laugh. I got bored so I sat in the cart and I told my dad to drive me.    Then my dad pushed the cart fast and he let go. Oh my God, I’m going to crash I thought. I crashed into a bunch of toys. My dad came to help me up. It was fun.

          A guard came and asked us what happened. I said, “that a crazy guy did that mess, he threw the stuff on the floor." He replied that he is going to check the cameras. Then he left, me and my dad told my mom what happened. So we went running to the parking lot and left.