The time I went to the Dominican Parade


        It was a hot summer day in July. The smell of raw plantains and the sound of whistles woke me up, and the view of our flag waving in the fresh breeze was amazing. The fact that my friends and I were just standing there screaming our lungs out was getting boring.

        I said “we out in there” and my friends said “we off this.” When the officers turned their back we jumped into the crowd and the marching beat.  As soon as we got to 167th street, a big fight went down. The sound of gun shots almost gave people a heart attack, almost scaring people to death.

        I didn’t know what to do, all I was thinking was “what am I going to do, will I die today?” Since I was in shock not knowing what to do I saw a kid with a bike so I ran up to him and pushed him off his bike, hopped on the bike and went home. This was the scariest but most funnest parade I’ve ever been to.