My moment at six flags


          During my summer vacation I went to six flags. There was my family and I.  We had to pay to go in. So we played $30 bucks for every person.  When we were at the water park it was so beautiful.  The first thing, I did was wet myself in the sprinklers they had, and then I headed to the pool with my cousins and aunt and mom!

               There were games you could play , I played almost everything, but not all because somegames were not for me. I was too little to  get on the big rides and the other games. Instead, of getting on the rides, I ate lots of things like, fries with chicken wings, ice cream, cake, cotton candy and other things "Yum, that was good!"

         After that, I was walking around  the park there were a lot of  people  in that park, that I almost got lost, but my aunt was near.  Then I went to my cousins and family to play our last game in the water park, because my mom and Aunt wanted to go home, so we finished playing the last game and I was so sad that we left Six Flags.

        When I got home, I was tired so I went to bed. The next day I didn’t felt well so my mom took care of me, but I still want to go to Six Flags again I don’t care if got sick.