So Mom Does Really Care




      Once my mom and I were just cleaning my brother's room, my mom and I were so tired.  My  brother was upset because  he wanted to go to his friend's house. My mom wouldn’t  let him so he decided to check out if she really  cared about him. Even though they were super mad at each other. He told me the plan and I was not so sure about it but at the same time I thought it would really be interesting to see if she really did care about him even though they were mad at each other.

      So with that being said, he rolled his eyes and pretended to fall and he screamed HAY MAMI!!. My mom immediately ran to the kitchen and said “what happened?’’ I said ‘’OMG MAMAI HE FELL.’’ She asked "How?’’ and I said ,‘’There was water and a banana peel on the floor he did not see it,’’ she immediately picked him up and he kept on fake crying. She asked again, "are you ok?’’ He said, "yea I think." Then I couldn’t hold the giggle she said “Vickiana stop laughing at your brother would you?’’ I said ‘’sure if he would why not’’.

      At that point she realized that something was going on.  She  looked at my brother and said ‘’please don’t tell me you guys just tricked me. I said ‘’what do you eat that you guessed right?’’. Everybody started laughing. She did too. She understood why he did it.My mom told him, "next time you feel that just because we are upset at each other you need to remind yourself  that I love you no matter what I am going to be there for you because I am your mother and that's a part of being a mother. My brother agreed to it . Everybody was like "aw".That was a nice moment!!                                                                                                                        The End