sneaking into the Bally's Casino


       I was 7 years old when my mother and I went to Atlantic City. We were going to my aunt’s house.   She stopped at the casino. The casinos name was Bally’s.  I was so excited because I thought they were going to let me in the casino but they didn’t, because the casinos are only for adults. 

      Well my mother really wanted to get in the Bally’s casino, and play but she knew that I couldn’t go inside. Then she called my aunt and asked her to stay there with me while she goes inside the casino.   After that, my aunt stayed with me outside the casino, but I really wanted to see how it was inside the casino.

       I told my aunt I was hungry and she went to buy me a hotdog and a can of soda.  While she was gone I sneaked into the Bally’s casino and I saw a lot of machines, a table, and lots of people playing with the machines.  I also saw coins going in and out those machines.  I felt happy and excited.  It looked very fancy and fun.   I heard someone say “Hey what are you doing here” when I turn back I saw police. 

      I left running outside, when I got outside, I saw my aunt almost crying because she thought she lost me or something happened to me.  I got very scared and I said, “I am sorry I just wanted to see” but she was calm.  Then we started eating and we waited for my mother to come out and meet us.