The time my sister tried to kill me


     One day I was alone in my house with my sister. She was sleeping and I was watching TV. When all of the sudden I hear my sister talking to herself, as she was sleeping. I was laughing at the stuff she was saying.         At a moment she stopped talking and she woke up. Then she started screaming at me for no reason, “Fanny I’m going to hurt you" she said, she repeated this three times. "I’m really mad at you Fanny!” I stood up and started screaming at her too. “I didn’t do anything to you!”I said.     

       When the screaming stopped, she took a big stick and started hitting me with it. After that, she took something with fire and started running after me, when I saw that, I ran too. We ran for like 10 minutes around the whole house, she was serious about hurting me and I was scared. I tried to make her tired, but it didn’t work, then I was trying to get her calm, but she was very angry.  In my mind I was going crazy, thinking about what was happening to my sister. I never saw my sister like that; it was like she was a stranger and she didn’t care about hurting me.   

        As the time passed she was getting calmer, she sat down and started talking about why she was angry. She told me that she was dreaming bad stuff and how people where calling her names and how a lot of people where laughing at her. Then I realized how she felt and how she was thinking about me being one of the people laughing at her. She told me she was sorry about her reaction and how she was out of control. I understood her and told her it was ok, and then we went back to normal. It was like this moment never happened.