Gymnastics...Risky..Or Not?By karen cherkas

                                   Gymnastics ..Risky ..Or Not?

My name is Karen and I will re-tell when I dislocated my shoulder in 5th grade. I went to gymnastics every Monday when I was in 5th grade. My grandpa drove me every Monday to gymnastics by car because it was sort of far away. It was at the little gym on 18th avenue. It started at 5:15 and I had to do my homework first because I get home at 6:30 and I’m tired. When I got there I hung out with my friends Sara, Gabbie and Maria. We usually draw, look how the place was set up, talk to the gymnastics teacher’s or play hide ‘n’ seek.

  When the clock hit 5:15 the gymnastics teacher let us go inside and then we had to stretch, after we stretched we went on the bars and beam. We did splits and bridges and the teacher helped us stretch. We all looked like rubber bands because we all could do splits. When we went on the bars we did our regular bar routine. A two swing flyaway with a spotter. A flyaway is a back flip off of the bars but I needed a spotter because I began the flyaway a week ago.

  We went on the beam and we had to do cartwheels by ourselves. When the first girl went she almost did a perfect cartwheel on the beam but her foot touched the side of the beam instead of making her foot straight with the beam. The second girl did a halfway cartwheel then her feet touched the floor instead of touching the beam. The third girl did a perfect cartwheel but lost her balance when she landed.

  Soon it was my turn to do a cartwheel. I took a deep breath and sighed. I was as scared as an actor on stage because it was my first time doing a cartwheel on the beam by myself. I got up on the beam and looked at my gymnastics teacher standing far away. I tried doing my first cartwheel by myself, then…BOOM! I fell and I dislocated my shoulder. My arm went numb and my gymnastics teacher ran over to me. I said “my bone moved” and then she pushed my arm up and it went back into place. My arm was still numb when I got home. I didn’t tell my mom and I didn’t do any cartwheels or handstands because I was scared. I kept it a secret and I never told anyone because I knew they would yell like there is no tomorrow. That was the most painful dislocation ever.            


why couldnt i come to

why couldnt i come to gymnastics with you.

Because i didnt't know you

Because i didnt't know you at that time and that would be scary.

we should go to aviotors

we should go to aviotors again but this time we should gymastics...although i cant really do gymnastics im not that flexible