My first time going to a dance By Alex


My first time going to a dance


            When it was dismissal, I went to the auditorium and sat down. I also saw my friends and classmates. I saw Amy, Christine, Brian, Daniel, Carmen, Diana, Vicki, and Lauren. The teachers started talking about how we are supposed to behave. Then they gave us an index card with a letter, and a number. They then called us row by row to go inside the gym.

When I went inside I talked about something I needed to my friend. I walked around to see what the other places are about. I also saw there the teachers giving something. When I went there, they gave me a glowing stick. My friend asked to trade with me.

We both traded our glowing stick. They then said that they will be calling classes to get a snack. They then called us to get snack. There was so little food as if there was nothing there. The snack was small because there was a bag of chips and a small cup of soda.

 I came back and they put the last song. Most of the song was easy. I danced to it with the help of Ms. Czarnecki. When they finished, they told us to get our stuff. They called us row by row.

 When they finally called me, I gave them the index card and got my stuff and left. It was also raining so I put my school bag, then my jacket top of the school bag and me and walked home. When I got to the door, it was locked. I had to knock and wait there.


alex this was a funny story

alex this was a funny story alex

the last song didn't need a

the last song didn't need a partner.