My Trip to Toronto,Canada By Jessica


                                   My Trip to Toronto, Canada



     On September 7th, 2007, my mom received a phone call from my cousin. She was so excited after she hanged up on the phone. I asked her what was going on, but she refused to tell me and told me to go to sleep. I was confused. My mother always told me what was going on, but this time never told me. I went to bed depressed, but the next day, I called my cousin, the cousin that called my mom, Rosabel Tsang.

            “Hi Rosabel,” I started, “What did you tell my mother yesterday? She was so excited after she hanged up on the phone and never told me what was going on. Can you please tell me?” I was feeling very nervous. I’ve never met my cousins before, so I don’t really know what was going on. I waited for her answer, but she was silent through the phone. Finally, I heard her breathing harshly and replied back to me.

             “Nothing much. I just received a teddy bear from……” she suddenly stopped. I thought that she wasn’t really going to tell me, but I could have figured it out when she and my mother are lying to me. I was going to tell her to tell me the truth, but then my mom came home, so I hanged up the phone. She was surprised that I suddenly did that. I told her that my friend just hanged up on me because I forgot to tell her the homework. She didn’t believe me, but she agreed anyway. I went to my room and waited for my mom to tell me the truth the next day.

              When she finally told me, I was silent. I didn’t really looked like I care, but I just told her that to wish her a happy life. My mom was kind of surprised, but then she told me the truth.

              “Rosabel invited you and me to the wedding. I wanted to go, but you have to go to school. I can’t take you with me can I?” asked mom. I can tell that she was nervous to see my answer. “What? You want me to come?” I asked. I didn’t really want to answer this question. Then, I told her, “Fine. I’ll write a letter to the teacher and tell her that I’ll be away for a vacation. Is that any better?” I sighed while she called my cousin and told her that we are coming at September 22nd, 2007.

               On that day, we both woke up at 6:00 am and got ready for the leaving. I didn’t really wanted to go, but for the sake of my mother, I’ll go for only this time. We arrived at the station at 7:30am. Rosabel was waiting for us by the sidewalk. I was feeling very nervous of meeting my cousin for the first time. My mom and Rosabel were talking for a long time while I waited at the back seat of the car. They talked about my school days, how I felt when I was about to meet my cousin, and that I didn’t really want to come to Toronto, Canada. We then arrived at her house at 8:45pm. At that time, I just wanted to stay at my room and stay there to do my homework for these three days that my teacher provided me.

                The next day, I woke up at 5:00am in the morning, but I didn’t wake up my mom or anyone else. I stayed still for 30 minutes then woke my mom up. She told me to wake her up because she wanted me and her to do the decorations for the day. I was playing my DS in the bathroom while she did all the decorations. I told her that I had an awful stomachache and that I couldn’t do the decorations. She believed me, but said that I was lying. Later on, mom made breakfast for me and the rest of the family. I helped her to wash the dishes, but she mostly didn’t want me to. Instead, she told me to wear my dress for the day. I was screaming and begging her that I didn’t want to, but she grabbed me to the room and locked me in there. I was lonely for a few minutes, so I played on my DS again. Then, my mom walked in with Rosabel and talked to me about the dress. They both told me that for a girl who doesn’t like to wear dress to a fancy wedding, it’s just not right. I was crying, for I knew that I had to wear the dress. I told them to wait for me outside and I closed the door to get changed. Few minutes later, I opened the door and showed the dress to my mom and Rosabel. They said that I looked wonderful. I know that I looked ugly in this dress. It was pink with fake ribbon roses tied to the bottom of the dress. I looked like the anime characters in the book.

             At 9:30, we left and went to the groom’s house. I was amazed. The house looked like a mansion! I ran up the long, curved stairway and then sat on the bars and swoosh down the stairs. I so much fun, until Rosabel’s groom caught me and had to hold me like a bride. He put me down and took Rosabel up the stairs to show her around the rooms. The family stood down stairs eating meals. I ate fruits, noodles, fried rice, and drank soda. I was so full that I had to sit down at the couch. Everyone who sat down had to sit properly. When I sat down, I found a boy who looks exactly like my age right next to me. I just stared at him as he stared at me. Finally, we broke the silence. He asked me how old I was while I asked him the same exact thing. He then told me that he is the small brother of the groom’s. I told him that I was the cousin of the bride’s. We both laughed and talked more about each other until we heard the people say that it was time for the church. I was sitting there, looking depressed. The boy that I met grabbed my hand and ran with me to the car outside.

           “Would you like to sit here? You can be next to us.” He said. I was looking at Rosabel and she smiled. I stayed there, but I was very nervous. “Did my mother knew where I was?” I thought. I stood at the car as if it was driving away from the house. When the car came to a stop, I fell of the seat and landed on the boy’s lap! I felt embarrassed! I wanted to apologize, but I didn’t know his name. Even though, I felt like I met him before. He asked me if I was hurt, but I didn’t say anything. He thought that I was scared, so he picked me up and carried me on the seat! I didn’t want him to do that!

           “I am fine. You can put me down!” I replied. I was still embarrassed, especially when he had to carry me while I was wearing a dress. He said that I was really light. Then he put me down and I stayed still the whole time. During church, I also stayed silent and I sat there, half sleeping and half awake. After that, the couples went to the park to get their pictures taken. I went there with my mom and she told me that I had to wait for her by the river. I was surprised! There was a river near the park? I went there by looking at the directions and saw the river. It had fishes that surrounded the place. It was awfully quiet. I was sitting there when a bunch of pink cherry blossoms were at my face. I turned around and saw that boy again. He told me that it matched my dress and me. I took the flowers and thanked him. He told me that he knew me from somewhere. I told him that I knew him from somewhere too, but we didn’t know where.

          After that, I never knew that it was already time for the restaurant! We went there, but we arrived at 6:30pm! Everyone had their own assigned seats, but I and my mom had to sit close to my cousin. I was looking around the place and noticed that it was really huge. We had fun until 10:30pm. By that time I was so tired from the dancing that I fell asleep. The boy that I met carried me to my mom and told her that he would carry me. She said that it was fine, and asked if he told me anything. He replied that he didn’t tell me, but sooner or later, I will find out. When Rosabel drove the car, the boy and I were at the back of the seat. Then, my family and I drove home. The next day, we got ready to leave. I was going to miss Rosabel.