Accident two years ago by Alexg


I   had an accident two years ago .The accident is when my lower leg part was cut by shattered glass from a cola bottle that I grabbed when I my mom and my sister where going to breakfast on the last day of my winter vacation . All the days of my vacation were interesting since I came with my cousins on the vacation .The last day I woke up the day was quite and our plane was leaving in about five hours. I woke up and was anxious to go to breakfast since the breakfast was delicious I liked to eat the waffles. Well I woke up saw if there was a cola bottle in the refrigerator. There was no cola there. So I wake my sister and parents. I told them I wanted to get breakfast. So my mom woke up and my sister. My dad stayed and slept some more. Once we left we went to the breakfast diner but then I saw a lady that gives out sodas to the suites refrigerator. You are allowed to take one so I took a cola with me. The air smelled nice in the tropical resorts in the morning. It was always hot and dense as usual. We were going to the diner but then my cola bottle slipped and shattered into a thousand small pieces. One or two of the pieces sliced through my lower part of my leg. I suddenly felt like I could not walk. Then somebody helped my to a bench I noticed that I was bleeding like a fountain. Then somebody came and helped me to the taxi to the hospital to operate on my foot. It did not really hurt it actually tickled like somebody used a feather to operate on my foot it was really fast and my and my dad were going to the airport. It took a month for my foot to heal but I learned a lesson don’t be stubborn.