Graduation Day- Isaac


               I was running harshly through the two long blocks with my cap and gown like a vehicle running out of control. I got to school with a sweaty back like a burning rock and taking deep breaths as for to cool down. I went to the auditorium and asked my teacher, Ms. Downey to help me get dress for Graduation Day. I’ve been thinking to myself that I’ll be alright to say my superior speech to all the guests and parents. As I know, I’m that kind of person who don’t really talk a lot and kind of shy to speak to a big crowd but this is the day I’ve been waiting for to graduate so I must show some braveness to exceed my fear.

                I tried my best to calm myself down and been giving many hopes that I’ll do a good job and not frightened by my audience. The reason why I have to write a short speech which is nearly one page and I also have to read it out loud is I’m the Salutatorian. The Salutatorian student is the second highest grade average in the 5th grade. After all the seniors are all settled, we went to the back of the auditorium so our parents and honorable guests could come in. Next, us as the graduates we walked down the aisle with our bounded partner. Our parents also could take pictures of us while we’re walking down. That’s when I tried to hide my face to the cameras so I wouldn’t be taken in pictures but as you know why would I embarrassed myself on a great day for graduating. Then, I heard all the yelling and screaming of the parents in the auditorium when they see their kids. Some of the camera shots blinded my eyes because I’m wearing glasses and reflect dizziness. It felt like we’re superstars or famous people when they took pictures of us.

                After the walking, the people in the auditorium including us have to sing the Star Spangle Banner. I’m proud that I’m not singing alone and have people as my voice. Next, we have our principal, Ms. Robin introducing the guests and welcoming the parents to Graduation Day. She said many things about the fun she had with us and sad that we’re moving to junior high school. She’s also happy for us we’re moving on and learning more or getting more knowledge. The music teacher played the note on the piano as for us to stand up and go the stage on left and right staircase. We got on the bleachers and I’m feeling confident that I can sing while I have my friends and classmates with me. The music began and we started to sing “At the Beginning” at the right time of rhythm. I am starting to enjoy this and put effort on my voice and tried to do my best to sing the last part of the song. That was a song that I actually sang in the stage without being scared or stage fright. We got back to our seats and listening to the lectures the guests have to say to us and what we need to know for junior high school. Next they gave out different awards to different person and tell why they deserve it or that’s what their good at. Mr. Firestone played the note again when the awards were done and we have to back on stage. This time we sang “Because You Love Me” and it’s a slow steady song about the wonderful moment we share with our parents and love.

                Then, suddenly I realize my speech is up after the second song and I’ve stunned myself like a frighten cat. Ms. Downey announced my name and I am ready to walk to the podium like a slow steady robot. All the people started to stared and confused why I wouldn’t start. I took a deep breath like an absorbing machine. I fixed myself like an unsolved puzzle and I began to read my speech slowly like a normal reader. I began to remember all the fun time I shared with my elementary teachers over the past years. We played beginner math games to advanced math games and improving our skills and knowledge. I talked about the fun memorable moments us as the graduates had with our dance teacher, gym teacher, and class teacher. I also talked about the parties or ceremonies we had in 5th grade and how I’m sorrow to move on. After I finished reading the speech, I cried a little and the people clap and snap the cameras. Finally, our final song plus dancing is “High School Musical 3” (theme song). Some of us stand on stage and some of us stand on the aisles and front of the stage. I was located at the front of the stage with my partner Robinson. I wasn’t a good dancer and felt embarrassed to show the simple steps I learned from the dance teacher, Mrs. Will so basically I tried to hide and let Robinson cover me up so people won’t see me. That’s one of the days that I overcome my fear and accomplishes my small goals. From that day on I started to talk and have little conversation with my classmates and starting to know more people. Now I turned into a talkative person and aren’t timid anymore. 




AW, look you cried a little

AW, look you cried a little and you sang HSM3, That sound like and awsome graduation!

I know! That was really

I know! That was really emotional!

 Aw, Isaac, I remembered

 Aw, Isaac, I remembered that you were crying when you were making your speech. You looked really happy after you were singing some songs for the graduation.