The Parade by Joseph


 It was about 11:45 the world had possibly 1 more out until a new champion was crowned. I asked my dad to put the radio on to listen to the Yankees broadcaster John Sterling. The pitcher was Mariano Rivera the Greatest Relief Pitcher of all time. The count was 2-2. The ball was hit to second base and the throw to first was in time. The game was over the World Series was over. The radio shouted “BALL GAME OVER WORLD SERIES OVER 2009 SEASON OVER YANKEES WIN THEEEEEE YANKEES WIIIIIIIIN.” The Yankees won the World Series for the TWENTY-SEVENTH TIME and it felt great. Then Hal Steinbrenner (Yankees co-owner) made the announcement that changed the night even more he said that the Yankees would be parading down the CANYON OF HEROS on Friday November 6, 2009. I knew I had to go but didn’t know how to get my mom to say yes.

  So now it was about midnight and the date was just announced “So mom did you hear that they’re having a parade for the Yankees,” I said playing stupid. “Yeah why you want to go,” she replied. I just stared at her and then shouted, “WHO DOESN’T.” Then the worst answer possible “WE’LL SEE.” I just stared at her with the blankest expression on my face. I then screamed the same words she said to me and added, “What do I have to do to go” she replied, “You have to behave your self.” Well after a very long twenty-four hours I got the yes I was looking for.

  So I woke up that morning with a huge smile on my face. My mom said I had to stop asking “When are we leaving.” So I went in to my living room and watched some T.V. well when I put my T.V. on and the channel eleven news was on and all about the parade. So I was watching it and they were talking about these people that were there since six o’clock in the morning. So they did a camera scan of all those fans and I see this one guy who was standing out to me. Then I called my mom over and asked her who it was she said it was my dad and then the phone rang it was him telling us he was on T.V. So now we finally got to the train but we waited for my mom’s friend and then we waited for my friend André whose dad is a retired cop so he got us good spots. When we finally got to Bowling Green (the start of the parade) we saw all the players walking in there dressing rooms and the fans cheering sounded like a roaring lion. We were about two hours early so we were looking for good spots and André and I found our friend Alex. After ten minutes of looking we found descent spots. So now were standing in our spots and a fan started throwing toilet paper and I caught it and threw. So now it is about fifteen minutes until the parade was supposed to start but they started fifteen minutes early. They started with the National Anthem and then it started. It all started with Michael Bloomberg and Yankees manager Joe Girardi and the Commissioners Trophy. Then everyone started chanting M.V.P. M.V.P. Then we all knew whose float was coming it was World Series M.V.P. Hedeki Matsui. Then followed by some of your favorite players and even one of the most loyal Yankees fans of all time “Freddie” the guy you hear banging the pot during the game. The parade ended with floats with Derek Jeter, Andy Petitte, Jorge Posada and the parade was closed with closer Mariano Rivera (core four).

  Then we went our separate ways except my mom’s friend and my friend André’s Brother Eddie stuck around with us. So the parade scene was mobbed with people and toilet paper so we walked for about four blocks and the area was still mobbed but we had to eat so we settled for Burger King. So when we got out side we heard lots of sirens going towered the Staten Island Ferry so when we got to the area we heard two fans that were drinking got into a fight. So we jumped on a shuttle across the street going to Ground Zero (the scene of the September 11th attacks) to see my dads new office across the street. The bus couldn’t get through because of that fight. So the bus had to detour to the South Street Seaport. So we went to the Seaport to get ice cream. We sat down and stared at the water and thought about the awesome day we had and the awesome people we spent it with.


nice story

nice story