what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? were moving but to where? by:shazem


“What!!!!?were moving but…..to where?” I moved to Coney Island. I went to p.s188. I was crying because I couldn’t be with any of my old friends. But I actually liked the school because I meet some pretty good people. I made new friends but at the top of them all was my best friend Joshua. We went to each others house. Also we would help each on our homework. But the way we became friends is when I moved. We became friends when our friends were talking to each other and we were left out cause they always talk about crazy events that they heard about. When I started talking to Joshua I didn’t know we would become good friends we would meet out side p.s.188 almost every day cause we went to each other house. The way we became friends is by me saying hi and asking him what his name was and I told him my name after that we become some really good friends. Yet something still troubles me about him I always wonder why he looks like a mouse and talks funny. Also the most thing that troubles me is why does he barly has any friends.