"learning the hard way" by:katie


Boom, crack! My mom came rushing to my room. “What happened”? “Is everything okay”? “Oh my gosh you fell down from you’re closet”? “Why don’t you think before you do something”? In my mind I thought to myself “What’s with all the talking, just come here and help me up” I was sweating and having some difficulty with breathing. My mouth was filled with the taste of my blood. Everything seemed so confusing I couldn’t think clearly.   I was so daunted and held on to my mother’s arm and just stared at her. I saw her deep black worried eyes consoled me.

            As she gently tried to pull me back up, I was   struggling so much; it felt like I was in an earthquake. My heart was pounding as fast as a hotel’s lobby bell when it’s ringing. I was sweating like I was running in a relay race.  My hair was getting wet and drenched. When my mom tries to pull me up, I felt a pull on my back. I just realized I was stuck! “How are we going to pull you out now”? My heart was pounding faster than it did before. I was so stuck, I couldn’t move a muscle! My mom let go and started thinking how to get me out of there. “I got it; all we have to do is turn the bed clockwise position to make enough room for Katie to get out”! I was torment, hurt, exhausted and irritated!

            I finally had enough room to get up.When I tried to get up, my legs were absolutely numb! “Mommy can you help me up, I can’t feel my legs”! I felt a sudden pull that felt like I was being pulled by an angry kangaroo! When I got up, I felt so upbeat and alive. My aunt came to my room giving me a glass of hot water to calm me down. I felt my mom giving me a very big bear hug to comfort me. I put my arms around her and started tearing. “Thank-you mommy, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you”.  My mom and I started getting really emotional.

            When I finally calmed down from the crying and the kiosk all I can say to my mom is thank-you. I noticed every time I need some help, my family is always here for me.