The Great Battle by Daniel


I was caught in a battle! I couldn’t believe it! It was a day when I was at a sleep away camp. I was about 9 and half years old. This took place in Pennsylvania about 3 yrs. ago. My friends and I were out in the woods. There were 13 of us. We were playing war with paintball guns. We all said since its uneven 3 of us would be captains and the rest would be the gunmen. We dressed up in camouflage hats, pants, and shirts. We took extra ammo for the paint ball guns. We started playing and we all had no pockets so no cell phones for us. We were ambushed!                                                                                                                                                                                                   It was another camp! The camp had plastic BB guns. We ran and hid. It was a dusky day. The men started to make shelter in case it took a lot of time to make a plan. And it did take a lot of time.

                We spent a couple of hours planning the attack to destroy the enemy’s base. We knew we had to attack because they ambushed us and started shooting with plastic BB guns witch of course hurts you we you get hit. We had paintball helmets on so we didn’t get shot in the head. I couldn’t believe what was happening that day. While the gunmen on our group were defending the captains and I had to crawl on the dirt and mud within our group to not get hurt. When all the out runners retreated it was night time and we started to get a little tired, so as a sergeant would do, I picked up a paintball gun and shot in the chest whoever was slacking off to wake them. And it worked.

                I and the captains got together and we created and agreed on a plan to dismantle the base of our enemy. My plan was that all the gunners climbed on the trees and shot from there. There would be 3 men in each tree and surrounding the base. The base was made out of twigs and leaves but it was very tough to push down. The base was maybe 6 ft. tall and 15 ft. right about. I was amazed on how they built such a base with twigs and leaves. I talked to the other captains and they said “We agree to it, General.” I thought I was captain not a General!  It meant whatever the general said goes. I guess that’s why the guys I shot to wake them up did get mad at me. The captains and I told the men what to do and the captains and I we safely hidden in a tree above that were able to oversee the base.

                We all got into positions and the captains said “on your signal.” So I said “FIRE!” and the sound of those paintball guns sounded as if I was practically in war! The whole base collapsed and the enemies retreated back to their base as fast as they could. And everyone started screaming “WHOO, WE DID IT, LET GO!” We all walked back to our camp and everyone was waiting in complete silence back at our camp wondering and worrying was we are. When they saw us walking down the road someone said “Hey There They Are!” and everyone started to come up to us asking where we were and what happened. When they heard what happened they couldn’t believe it but when they asked then self why we would pull something like that they believed us. And the best part about our return is that nobody got hurt.