"Crystal Clear Water" By Christine


             Sweat rolled down from my head while I was in the car for many hours. I asked my mother, “Where are we going?” “The beach sweetie.” I thought, “The beach?” I felt awful since I didn’t like beaches because of the sticky sand and dampness of the air. I preferred swimming pools where you aren’t on any sand which can stick on your body when you come out of the water. We arrived at Orlando, Florida, a paradise of palm trees, sand, sun and beaches.  I carried bags filled with toys, towels and an umbrella we bought from Walmart. I walked down to set up a towel to sit on and shade from the umbrella. I wanted to see the ocean so I took off my shoes. “Ouch!” I yelled because of the hot sand. It was very soft and very hot which made some sweat come down from my head. The sand made me feel like I was standing on hot coals of the sun! I started hopping around like a rabbit.

Next I found myself running to the ocean. When I looked down, I couldn’t believe I could see my toes in the water. I was shocked since in New York, all you could see was sand and more sand being washed away on shore. At the beach in Orlando, I saw the seashells sway in the water, children chuckle, and waves whoosh everywhere. I could taste the saltiness of the ocean and I could hear peaceful sounds of the waves. There was a cool breeze and sailboats sailing for beautiful scenery. It felt as if I was in a dream since there was a beautiful sunset.

 I walked back to my family and sprayed on suntan lotion. It made the fishiness of the ocean to go away but I prefer that more than the smell of suntan lotion. While I sprayed the lotion I couldn’t stop thinking about the ocean. I went back to the ocean and I started to pick up seashells which were the biggest I’ve seen. While I picked them up, I noticed a shell; it wasn’t an ordinary shell but a shell where a hermit crab lived in! The shell had a pointy top with many small spikes around the top. The inside was a light purple- pink color with a bluish, dim glow to it. I didn’t know a hermit crab was in the shell until claws started to come out! I started to get scared and backed away slowly while dropping the shell. I was grateful since I didn’t get grabbed on and start to bleed. I started to bring the shells back.

I went back and ate my lunch. I loved this lunch since there were plenty of fruits and plenty of sandwiches. I threw some of the bread of my sandwich to the seagulls. They were happy and said “Honk?” “Honk?” Afterwards, I went back to the ocean with my dad and brother. We started to walk deeper into the ocean but not too deep since my brother was only 4 years old. I started to try to jump over the waves but they were too high. My dad and brother started to copy me. I thought they looked silly. I managed to jump over one wave. I had plenty of fun in the waves and tried to see how far out into the ocean I could go. I thought I went very far since the water was up to my shoulders. I felt soothed and relaxed. I decided to walk back to my family.

Before I made it back up to my family, I noticed many children having a good time making sandcastles and sand figures. The sand I was standing on was perfect so I decided to make a sand version of my dog. I took some sand and started to make a giant ball as if it was snow. I started to make a nose by adding some sand I made into a tiny ball. I tried to make the ball stick to the bigger ball and it stayed. Then I started to make the body and legs. I made a rectangular body with some cylinder shaped legs. These body parts were place to make the dog look as if it was sleeping. After many times where the parts would fall off, replacing some dried out sand with wetter sand and decorating with seashells. When my mother said it was time to go I was very upset. I couldn’t believe time went by so quickly and I actually enjoyed the trip to the beach so much! I guess sometimes you can enjoy what you don’t like to do.