The Terrible Airport By: Ulyssa


“Where here go get your bags Ulyssa.” “NO I don’t want to leave.” My grandfather dropped me and my mom off at the air pot. My mom and I went to the air port to leave Florida.  To our surprise we were two hours early! All you hear is the flight attendant saying the plane will leave in two hours. TIC TOC, I was thinking. My mom and I were acting crazy. We laughed so hard that people left the area we were in because they thought we were crazy. The stores were not even open yet. So we had absolutely nothing to do my mom got mad because we where just sitting there looking out the window saying good bye Florida.



This one little store opened, it was in a corner. It had sea shells and real star fish. I ask my mom if I could get one and she said yes. She also brought my dad, my aunt, and my best friend. I got a superior shell and a real star fish but it was dead. We went back and sat down. The whole time we sat I was playing with my shell and star fish. This one family came and they came one hour early, they sat two seats down from us. They had a little girl and she would come up too us and say “hi” she had brown hair blue eyes, it was one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen.  Then all the other stores opened up, my mom and I went and ate bacon egg and cheese on a roll. All I could remember is the smell of it cooking and the sound of the bacon popping on the stove. I got an orange juice to go with it and it was the best breakfast I had in a long time.


 The flight attendant was then saying “the flight will leave in 30 minutes”. My mom was saying tat she can not wait till the plane leaves. When she said that I thought that I can’t wait either but also I don’t want to leave Florida. The next thing I know is that we were going on the plane. I told my mom that I don’t want to leave I was crying  and the plane left I said I am not in Miami anymore I just kept crying  and crying for a really long time.