A Day in the Sun By: Xiao Ying


            The shining sun was burning on the sand like you can fry an egg on the sand. I touched it, “Ouch” it was burning hot. I was at the beach with my parents and cousins. I had tons of fun. My mom forgot to bring shovels and pails! “How can I build a sandcastle without shovels and pails?” My mom said I can use shells to make the wall. “Shells?” I said, how can I make a sandcastle with shells. A few minutes later my mom got water and made a sand castle with us too. After a few minutes later the burning sun was soaking water but my sandcastle was kind of falling so my dad got some more water to make it sturdier and joined us. The lesson I learned on this day was that even though I had nothing I can still improvise. I had huge amounts of fun that day.

            This morning I woke up and asked my mom when we are going. We planned to go to the beach. I asked my mom and dad if my cousins can come along. To my surprise she said yes. To this message I was as happy as going shopping. I enjoyed this massage. I always play with my cousins in the weekends and during summer. So we settled down and started to pack. My mom was setting up fishing supplies. I asked her “why are packing fishing materials?” She said that we are going fishing and to the beach. My heart was bursting out. I never went fishing before. I quickly called my cousins on my cell phone to tell them the great news. They too haven’t ever been fishing before.

            We were set to go. Off we went as my dad drove on the Belt Pkwy East. We past a few exits and my dad told me that we have to get some bait. Turns out we were in front of the bait store. I brought fishes. I was delighted because I had never been inside the bait shop before. I saw a pink fishing pole. I quickly ran outside and asked my dad if we could buy it. “Of course,” he said.

            At last, we were there. I took pleasure in fishing. I had trouble reeling fishes in so my dad helped me. Today I can reel in a fish. “Wow that was the first fish I ever reeled in!” I had a wonderful day when I went fishing. It was filled with pleasure. I got to play with my cousins, learn how to fish. I got my fist fish and I was jumping up and down. This really made me excited. I had never caught a fish before but today I really had fun. I caught 3 fishes with my dad’s help. The sun started to get dim but we went to the beach anyway.  When we went to the trunk of my dad’s car we couldn’t see the shovels anywhere. Turns out my mom forgot it.

            We headed toward the beach empty handed. My cousins decided to try to make a sandcastle. Even though we couldn’t make anything we had fun. That’s what I learned by the power of trying we actually made half of the sandcastle. The sun was setting so we left. I had a day full of pleasure when I went there.

            My day in the beach was vast. I jumped in the sand, made a sandcastle, went fishing, etc. I have lots of amusing at the shoreline. I played with my cousins, went fishing, and learned a valuable lesson and I was amused. It was the first time I ever went fishing. This memoir means a lot to me because it reminds me of the first time I went fishing and my day at the beach trying to build a sandcastle with my cousins. To this day I still treasure this memory like it is a colossal, glamorous diamond in the bank. Even though this isn’t the memory I treasure most but it is one of my very best. It was truly one of the days where I had the most frolic.