"Happy Rides Scary Rides" By Jessi

                        Yippee! My best friend, Christina, and I were talking about tomorrow. Tomorrow, we were going to Six Flags. I was so enthusiastic! I could finally see her. When I went to bed, I tried falling asleep, but I was too excited to sleep. Finally, I closed my eyes and managed to sleep.
                        The next day, I woke up in my soft, comfortable bed. I got out and got ready for today. When I finished, it still wasn’t time to go. I was impatient for a while. I heard my dad calling my name. Christina was here to pick me up. I got my lunch and went to Christina’s mini van. It was a tan colored. Christina and I sat at the back of the car. I couldn’t help but notice today was a warm, sunny day and perfect for a trip to the amusement park.
                        While we were in the car Christina and I were a bit bored. Then, we decided to listen to the latest music on the radio. Her little sister was singing along with some of the music she knew. We slept a little so time will pass. I woke up and looked out the window. I saw Six Flags. I could see some of the rollercoaster since they were very tall. When her mom parked the car, we put on the sticky, white suntan lotion all over our body. It was like standing next to the sun when we got out of the car.
                        We went on the kiddy rides first. We played with colorful, foam balls. We put them in a toy gun and launched it at Christina’s little sisters. We went to more kiddy rides. There was a submarine ride where it goes up and down. After we played and rode rides, we ate lunch. I brought sushi and a bottle of water. We went on a water ride when we finished. The water would hit us and we would get soaking wet. It felt great because it cooled us from the heat. We saw a train roller coaster and went on it. The line was a long but it went faster then I thought it would be. The first time I went, I had to go alone because Christina had to go on the roller coaster with her little sister. I went on it alone and I was very nervous. I went upper and upper. Then, whoosh! I went down so fast and my hair was flying all over the place. It went around again and the same thing happened. When I got off the ride, I was shaking like a vibrating phone. We got on the line again. The second time we went was when I sat with Christina. We were screaming as though we were in a horror film, when we went down. It was going really fast. I thought I was going to fall off. It wasn’t so scary the second time. The ride was fun at the same time. The next ride we went to was where we would go up and down. It was going fast but not as fast as the rollercoaster. We had fun on that ride. After that we went to the car. It was about 9 o clock at night. We saw fireworks and a parade on the way out.
                        It was time for dinner so we ate KFC. The food was divine and delightful. The food had a heavenly smell to it. The fried chicken was crispy and juicy. After we ate, we went to Christina’s house. We changed into our cozy pajamas. It was late at night and I was tired. I fell asleep quickly. The next day, we ate fried eggs for breakfast. We played wii after we ate. I had a boisterous time playing wii with Christina. At 12 o clock it was time to leave so I went home. Going to Six Flags with Christina and her family was a blast.b