The Airsoft War- By James


        It was a breezy, warm, spring day, and the day of my best friend Gunther's birthday party. But I was asleep. "James, wake up!", I hazily heard. All of a sudden, I was being shaken. Then I jolted awake, realizing what day it was. "AAAHHHH!! What time is it?" I screamed to my brother Steven. I ran to the closet and threw on my long, protective clothes and grabbed Gunther’s present as my brother said “9:30”. As soon as I finished getting ready, it was 9:45, and I yelled for my Dad and my brother to get in the car. As soon as we got to 1375 Oracle Lane, I ran to the front door and rang the bell.

         "Gunther! Hey, happy birthday! What are we going to do? Because that cake smells delicious!", and it did smell like chocolate ice cream. I plopped my presents on the table and ran outside with Gunther, my brother Steven, and another kid named Steven. There were two small Mini-Uzis, a large Machine gun named the Pulse-R, a powerful shotgun, and some small pistols that varied in power on the patio table outside, and we were looking at them in awe. Gunther went over to the table and picked up the shotgun and the pistol. He pulled back the cocking mechanism on both of them with more than enough force needed, and fired them into the middle of nowhere. He repeated the process “AAAAAGGGHHHH” we heard out of nowhere. Big Steve had ran in front of him! The shotgun had hit him in the back and he was in immense pain on the floor. We stood him back up and discovered he had a small bloody welt. The shot was from close range, so we knew it was okay otherwise. After we made sure Steve was okay, I asked Gunther, "what will we play?". He responded with "we'll play a team game of 3-hits-out, which means after you're hit 3 times you lose, and then we'll play Capture-the-Flag, which is self explanatory." "Okay, Got it" I said.

         "Listen up, guys! James, Steven!” He pointed at me and Big Steven “You're on a team, And Little Steven! you're on my team! lets go set up the CTF bases in the woods!". We went into the woods. It smelled like pine trees, so huge, and was very cramped. Me and Steven found a defensible spot and put our underwear-flag there. "Everybody ready?" Gunther called out. "Yes!" we all responded. Then the battle began.

           We all ran out of the woods, grabbed a gun and some goggles and each team ran to one side of the house. I had gotten the Mini-Uzi, and Big Steve had gotten the Pulse-R. It was a mystery what guns the other team had, so I whispered “We’ve gotta scope em’ out, or pay the price.” “Following right behind you”, I heard. So we soundlessly snuck around the house, aware of every step we made, and finally saw the other team. “It seems like they have the heavier firepower. Well, Gunther does at least. A huge pump shotgun and a semi-automatic pistol for Steven.” “Should we attack now? Steve asked. “Go”. All of a sudden BB’s were flying everywhere around Steve and Gunther. It happened so fast, so suddenly that their instincts took hold and they dove for cover, and got split up. “We’re in control here!” I cockily, but eerily yelled to them. “Steve, keep firing on them, I’ll go around the house and chase them out into the open.” As I hastily ran around the house, I heard Steve yell “I’m Hit!!” and being overrun. Not caring about stealth anymore, I made it around the house and started blasting. Somehow, Little Steven found out I was coming around! As I jumped back behind the wall, Steven hit my leg! It stung like five bees but I kept on going. Sticking my gun around the wall, I fired a barrage of bullets, but only hit Steven once. Somehow, two of my bullets flew through the air and hit Gunther in the back! As Gunther yelped in pain, Big Steven took the opportunity and hit Gunther in the chest. “You’re out” said Steven with a smirk. He silently closed in on Little Steven, aiding me in my fight. He pressed the cold, plastic barrel of his gun into my brother’s back, fired two more shots, and won the match for us!

“ Good job guys, but could you have made it less painful?” “Hahahahaha!!” We all burst into laughter. “Okay, are you guys ready to play Capture-the-flag?” “YES!” we all said in chorus.

And at that time, we swiftly ran back into the woods, quickly found our base, and found some good hiding spots. But little did we know, Gunther and Little Steven had followed us instead of heading back to their base. “Go” we both heard from somewhere around us. Before we knew it, there were BB’s flying everywhere and we were in danger of being defeated! So we started running and shooting behind our backs. We found a bunch of trees and took cover there. They had grabbed our flag and were running back to their base. We had to find their underwear-flag so they couldn’t get the win. Out of nowhere, I tripped on something. Thankfully, I landed on soft leaves, except for a rock or two. I looked at what I tripped on and shouted “Eureka!... woops.” That attracted everybody. Luckily, Big Steve found me first and we sprinted back to base. Suddenly we were cut off as Little Steven jumped in front of us. We ran around both sides of him and shot him out. He was out for a little while, but not that long. We realized we had to find Gunther because he had the flag. “Steven, go find Gunther and yell when you find him.” He went off and yelled almost immediately. Not to signal me, but in pain. “I’m out” is what I heard right after. I had to get Gunther out, and fast. I slid up against a hard tree being careful not to be seen. I peered around the corner and heard “Game Over.” Gunther hit me once, but couldn’t pump his shotgun fast enough to get me out. I started spraying BB’s in the direction of the hit, and amazingly got Gunther out as I rocketed away. Adrenaline in my veins, I grabbed the flag Gunther dropped and returned it to our base. Vigorously pumping my arm in the air, I walked out of the forest victorious. I ran at Big Steve and he ran at me, and we both jumped in the air and hit our bellies against each other. As I landed on the ground I yelled “Epic Victory!!!” at the top of my lungs. Gunther and Little Steve gave us hi-fives and we walked into the house, exhausted.

            We threw off our protective gear and we took turns showering and changing because we were filthy. “Aaaaaaaa….. That feels so much better!” I yawned. “It does? I thought you and Gunther loved being dirty.” I heard from behind. I turned around to see Abby and Amy, Gunther’s sister and mom. “C’mon, lets go light the cake!” I exclaimed.

            Everyone gathered at the table as Amy scavenged for a lighter. Just before I fell asleep, she found one. “Got it!”  she loudly told everyone. I jolted awake. “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! CAKE!!” everyone exclaimed in chorus. As the candles were lit, we started singing “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Gunther, Happy Birthday to you!”


Very interesting and

Very interesting and descriptive memior. The intro was kinda boring though.

Very interesting story james

Very interesting story james