The accident that got me in trouble by Elisona


                          The accident that got me in trouble


            “KABOOOOM!!!!” My friend Ami and I were doing a project trying to find out what would happen if we mixed ketchup, salt, sauce, sugar and more ingredients together, but it didn’t turn out well. There were bubbles everywhere and my teacher didn’t like it a bit. She came to us right away. We knew we were in a world of trouble.

            “What in the world is going on here girls?” she said to us screaming. She looked at out textbook.

My teacher sighed and told us to go outside. We walked slowly with our heads down. When e went outside out teacher came too with our textbook.

            “Guys………” she said starting to talk. “You are both lovely girls and very sweet. How could you guys not listen when I said to do unit 5 but you guys did unit 6!” We didn’t respond but just put our heads down. Ami put her head up.

            “I’m sorry teacher!” she said. “It was my entire fault! I didn’t listen to you.” The teacher was shocked and so was I. Maybe she was shocked for the same thing as me.

            “You still don’t know my name?  It’s the 7th week of school!” she said. Ok, maybe she wasn’t shocked for what I was. I walked up to Ami with my head down and pulled her. She heard started beating so fast that I could hear it.

            “What are you doing?” I asked her. “Why would you do that? You can’t risk getting in trouble just for me!”

            “But I won’t get in trouble!” said Ami

            “Ami, the teacher won’t let you get away with it this time !” I said. “Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean that you will get a special treatment and the teacher got over that already.” Ami looked at me with the face that she usually gives me when she wants to tell me I know. Her eyebrow’s up and her face tilted. Ami was smart and she never came empty handed. She walked to the teacher. The teacher looked at her with the same face that she gave me and she was tapping her foot.

            “Uh, teacher? I’m so sorry. Elisona had nothing to do with this. She tried to tell me but I didn’t listen because I’m just a little too excited about my birthday! Please give us another chance please?” Ami said to the teacher. The teacher looked at both of us. She started to cry but with a smile. The smile kept on getting longer and longer. The teacher nodded and she went back inside. She called the science teacher and said that we were going to be in the science lad for the whole day. We went there when school was over and we had one day to finish the project.

            We walked in the science lab with our materials. I took them out and Ami was looking on what we had to do. She said that we had to make a type of juice. We tried to mix in other types of juices to make a new one but it was hard. We tried mixing banana with strawberry, but that was invented already. We had a little trouble picking. I said that we should try banana with apple, pinapple and strawberry but she said to do blueberry with coconut and strawberry. We tried both of them and mine was the best. We made a lot of them for the whole class.

            “I hope we get a good grade on this!” said Ami. She wasn’t sure but her look was so joyful.

            The next day, we bought them. Everyone loved them.

            “Elisona and Ami come here please,” said the teacher. “You guys don’t just get an A!” We put our heads down and with a big surprise out teacher said, “….. You guys also get 35% extra credit on your next test. That was the best thing

 that ever happen and it was the most amazing team work I have ever seen. I’m not sure if I’m wrong but I thing you two are meant to be best friends.


-By Fayel ( your best

-By Fayel ( your best friend)

I loved the experiment progress when you explain and try to get the readers attention by exxageratting what you did with Ami and I was very shocked to see such a great memoir piece. Thank you for sharing this. I would be glad to know about this even more in school. I might as well also copy and paste this on my computer right now or just put it on my website. Dont worry, YOUR WELCOME!!! YOU ROCK!! :)