“Why Me? UHH Laser Tag!” by: Alexis


                        EW…Yuck! All Boys? Then why was I invited? Oh yes, because my brother was invited and so was I! I thought laser tag would be frolic at first, but how could I have fun when there are no girls around you at all! There were just insane boys who just wanted to play this incoherent game, where you were chasing people with humongous fake laser guns and had strange looking hats on. Laser tag seemed so insipid and I wanted to go home this instant! Ill! We were all in the hideous woods with disgusting looking bugs and mosquitoes.  I wanted to get out of here. I dressed neatly just to get dirty! The woods smelled pine plants and damp trees. My nose began itching and was all stuffy. There was dirt every where and hid outs. I kicked the dirt and a gross looking bug was on me. “Ahh!” I said “Get it off me! Get it off!” I slapped the bug really hard and now there was blood! The bug bit me and there is blood dripping from my leg. Quickly I wiped the blood off and went where everyone else was. “Yes” I was thinking to myself, “now we have to play this ‘entertaining’ laser tag game.”

                “Yes…Keep on talking” somebody yelled out. “No Wait! I don’t understand what to do! ME!!!” I cried out.  “Don’t worry you’ll catch on” said the instructor. Me? Catch on, what were you thinking. I don’t understand boy talk and that’s what you were talking. Press this on your gun, do this do that, TALK TALK TALK.  Come on I am thinking in my head. I am a girl the only girl and just because I am a girl doesn’t mean I understand everything! Especially how to play a game where you have guns and have to…what? Oh my gosh! Is that what I think I see? Another girl, oh yes! “Hi my name is Alexis, what’s up?” “Um, Hi Alexis, I am Jessica” she said very confused, “Who are you to John?” I explained to her that my father and John’s father are very close friends, so that’s why I was invited. I told her how bored I was and how I was the only girl here and for the most part, I had no idea how to play. Jessica told me that ‘You have to laser tag people on the hat that they were wearing and if you laser taged them more than seven times they were out of that round. If you got laser tagged more than seven times then you were out of the round as well. There were six rounds in total. On some rounds, you had to try to complete a certain task so your team can win that round.’ At least Jessica explained how to play the game better than that useful instructor did.   

            At first, while I was playing the round, I was very shy but a little bit confused. Toward about round three, I started getting down and dirty. I understood the game so I knew what to do and I tried my best to do it correctly. Since Jessica and I stood together, and went a certain way around the edges, we made it through one of the rounds. Jessica, some other kid, and I were one of the last people to make it to the end of the round on our team. BOOM BOOM! “Ha we got you” said Jessica and I joyfully. “I know! I’ll see you two in my nightmares!” the older guy said in a sarcasm way. He was a really funny guy. Though in the next round, he got us out of that round. Finally all of the rounds of laser tag ended! Then we had cake. The cake was chocolate with vanilla frosting and was absolutely scrumptious! It was the bomb! After all I had a great time. Eww! After the cake, all of us went by the edge of the woods and saw a whole bunch of disgusting water bugs. They were everywhere. That totally grossed me out!

            I learned a lesson from going to the laser tag party. My situation was like the sayings “don’t judge a book by its cover.” I kind of judged this party by the way it looked and it turned out pretty good by the end. Also, you make new friends as life goes on. At first you might be the shy one but you will always probably find someone to stick with or hang out with that moment. At first I thought this party was going to be a waste of my time because I didn’t know how to play and there were all boys there. I realized that you never know until you try and you don’t like it until you try it. I can’t wait to go to another laser tag party again!