Farewell China By JiaMin


            “Sniff sniff, drop”, were the sounds of the tears dripping from my sad eyes. It was a hot summer day in China, the air was calm. I was really going back to America. We were on a bus going to the airport. As I stepped up on the bus, I could not control the tears rolling down my cheeks. “I can’t look back.” I told myself. My entire family was in the United States. I was so positive I would not return for a very long time. Looking out the window were my loving grandmother and grandfather waving a solemn goodbye. All I could remember are them getting further away and smaller every second in my view.

           My mom sat close to me encouraging me to stop the heavy tears. My mom tried to comfort me so I would stop crying. Even my little sister told me to stop crying, but it was no use. I tried to stop crying myself and still tears would drip from my tearful eyes.

               When we got to the airport, I was so sleepy that I could sleep for days and not wake up, because of all the crying I had done. As we waited at the airport, my mom bought something for me to drink so I would not fall asleep.

 “Mom, when will we be on the airplane?” I asked.

“Pretty soon” my mom answered.

“Mommy, I want to eat something. I’m hungry.” said my little sister.

So we went over to a store and bought something to eat. “Ah...” we said as we sat down.

“Ding, plane b26 please line up,” announced the speaker.

“Ugh, oh my god, on the plane again?” I asked myself. “You do not want to know how annoying it is on the plane. I have to be dirty from not taking a bath for a few days. It is disgusting, let me tell you that.” Plus I feel so uncomfortable while I’m sleeping on the plane. Sleeping in my own soft, comfortable, warm, and clean bed is much better.

            “Hi! What would you like?” asked the stewardess. “There is chicken, fish, and beef.”

 “Chicken, please.” I answered.

 “Here you go.”

 “Yummy” I said as I ate. I looked out the window, outside were beautiful fluffy clouds with shining twinkle stars. The sky was pretty. I started to remember the times when I was with my family members in China.

“Zzzzzzzz,” I fell asleep. I dreamed about the sweet times I had while I was in China.

“Wake up, sleepy head.” My mom told me. It’s time leave. My mom was right, it was time to leave.