The Windy Day by Kevin




            The wind hit my face like I was being slapped by my sister. I was riding my bike at Shore Road with my dad, and I had a great time. I saw and I knew I was going to have lots of exercise. My dad and I planned to start from Belt Parkway and all the way to Owl Head. It was an 8MILES ride going and coming back. I first thought to myself, “This is going to be hard work”, but than I conquered my fear and I reached all the way to the end of Owl Head.

            On the way going to Owl Head I asked my dad “Are there yet” at least a 1000thousand times and he got annoyed. Soon I got tired and got a drink of water but it was out because I forgot I drank the entire bottle of water on the way. I rode my bike 2 miles but it felt like 1000000 miles. I gave a mighty push for every pedal I did and it didn’t go any faster but my dad said that I can rest until we reached there. I can feel the wind hit my face and the sun shining at me.

            Finally I reached owl head and stopped for a minute. My feet were so light that it wasn’t even mine. I felt a like a ghost that is not seeable. After that I could feel my feet and looked around and said “Wow this is a great view.” But in less than 5 minute my dad said “Time to go.” Then we have to ride all the way back to Belt parkway. Sometime I wonder why adults have to work so hard and do something over and over again.

            Soon I got tired when I rode 1mile. I quickly called my mom and luckily she was shopping at Best Buy and went to pick me up. When she saw me she was real mad and said “WHY DIDN’T YOU WEAR SUNSCREEN?” When I heard my mom says that I wonder how she knows that I didn’t wear sunscreen. When I got home I washed my face and saw my face was kind of red. After that I promised my mom to wear sunscreen and I tried not to be so obvious.