I can feel the hot summer sun coming down on me and I can hear someone say ''I want George on my team''!Every boy in susans cottages  in upsate NewYork were playing War!The three teams were Red, Blue, Green.I was called to the Blue team.I cassualy strolled to my team not knowing of the adventure ahead of me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       603           I was called to my best friend’s team, his name was Robert.He had brown hair ,was overwellmingly tall He, and was wearing a blach t-shirt,jeans,and sneakers. was also the best player because he could run like a cheetah and shoot like a sniper. Then I heard somebody say make it around the town. There was a little controversy and anarchy about this idea I personally did not like the idea but I did not have a say in it. The captains were the ones who decided. They agreed to the idea. So they announced “AROUND THE TOWN”! Some people cheered for the idea some people did not.         Ten minutes later,which felt like a whole due to the fact that I was sitting on the couch watching the clock slowly move its minute handle around the clock, the game officially started. At sunset everyone spread out but I stayed and watched the beautiful sunset,I felt as if I was walking on the clouds and smelled the beautiful smell of oaktrees on spread out around the entire big, beautiful, town. We did this because its always largely more exilarating to play hide and seek in the dark. I hid in the old abandoned house, which was built near the river, I felt creeped out by the old rooms and the bugs in the rooms, I also heard weird like as wind coming through a small opening and it smelled like a rotted body. When I  heard the boy coming closer to my hiding spot.I quickly hid in one of the dusty ,peeling, apartments.Time passed as if I WAS FLYING THROUGH MINUTES and I knew this because I was hiding near a window.All of the sudden I heard a loud cry for help from the river it was so loud it hurt my ears.It seemed like a plea for help.I flashed my flashlight on the river and it was robert  trapped in a strong current sceaming help .Barely bieng able to move ,he grabbed  onto a rock stop from going down the river and into the waterfall and bieng killed by the waterfall.I rushed down the stairs as quickly as I could.While I was rushing down the stairs I was debating if I should jump into get robert or not.As I walked through the front door frame of the house I saw an old rope laying on the ground.Then I thought to myself with a magnificent idea to throw the rope to robert and to grab my freinds Nicholas and Hoobler wh were aso playing with us and have them help me.I ran to robert quickly and tossed him the rope.As he grabed it I called my freinds Nicholas and Hoobler to the scene.As they were coming I held onto to the other one end of the rope as robert held onto the other end.I felt as if my arms were ripping off as I was holding onto the rope with the current of the river pushing robert away.Right when my freinds came the current got stronger and pulled me into the river along with robert.I quickly put my nails into the ground and Robert grabbed onto my foot.M y freind Nicholas quickly came to us and gave me his hand.Nick pulled along with Hoobler to get me and Robert out of the water.

   Finally he got me and robert out.But then ''SPLASH'' and Robert fell back into the river but I quickly gave him my hand.All three of us pulled and got Robert out of the water. Then I said to my friends ''none of you tell your parents or we will all be in big trouble'' and they all laughed in relief.