The Great Fall by diana


                                               The Great Fall


      “I still remember and feel the pain of that day”. My brother and I were playing “catch” next to a staircase in a sweltering summer day. Our foreheads were dripping with sweat when we were ready to throw or catch a beach ball. When we began to play, our mom always said this “Always watch where you’re going.” I followed the rule because one day I had a terrible fall that had to do with this rule. I will tell you the story now.


      It was a warm spring day in Coney Island. My brother and I were playing “catch” next to an old staircase that had chipped paint and would always creak. I would always look at the staircase with disgust. When it was time for dinner my mom called us to eat, but my brother had the ball and threw it to the end of the staircase. When I was going to retrieve the ball, I was thinking of something else, not paying attention to where I was going. When I went to the 4th step I fell on my back, still holding on to the rail. There were no words in my mind, just pain and the feeling of not being able to cry. The pain that I felt was horrible. My mom rushed to the staircase looking at me in surprise she helped me walk to her room so I can lay down on her bed After ten minutes lying down on the bed knowing that I was able to move again, I stood up to look outside the window to see the sun that was shining so beautifully with the pain on my back. Later on that same day I ate dinner, relaxed on my bed (which felt very easeful), then went to sleep that night.


     Now I am experiencing minor back pains because of this fall. Every time I walk down the staircase I always look where I am going because I don't want to fall again and cause more pain. This was the lesson I learned because of that fall.b