Heading West Kaitlyn



Heading West

                        "Are we almost at the airport yet?" as I was jumping out of my skin sounding and feeling so excited.  My mom answered "in a few minutes" sounding a little bit annoyed.  My mom, my brother, and I were going to Tennessee.  It was September 4th and we were returning on September 8th.  I was so anxious because my aunt and uncle just moved to Tennessee about a year ago.  Our flight number was 8732.  After waiting half a century the attendant called our flight number and we left Brooklyn. 

                          My mom, my brother and I got off of the plane and tried to figure out where we had to get our bags.  We found our bags after about ten minutes and then we called everyone in my family to tell them that we got to Tennessee safely.  Next my mom called my Aunt Barbara and my Uncle Jim to ask them where they were waiting for us.  They were waiting for us upstairs by the long baggage claim line where the workers have a little office in case any baggage was lost or went someplace else in the world.  At last, we found them and headed towards their new house.

                         Once we were pulling into the driveway of their house, we were amazed beyond belief.  My aunt and uncles house was as big as three Brooklyn apartments next to each other.  It was huge!  I said to my mom and my brother "I wonder how the inside looks, it probably looks as if it were a castle".  Indeed it did, it looked as if it were a prince and princesses castle with such clean rooms.  Inside there was two floors.  On the second floor there was an entertainment room, two bathrooms, and three bedrooms.  When my mom, my brother and I went downstairs and sitting with my aunt and uncle, we saw there new eleven month old beagle (type of dog) named Charlie.  He was so cute, brown, white, lovable, and fluffy.  I played with Charlie for a little while then we went to go see the rest of the house.  On the first floor there were two bathrooms, a kitchen, a laundry room, one bedroom, a garage, a dining room, and an office. I was so enthusiastic about staying in that house for four days.

                          The next day we went to the zoo in Tennessee.  The zoo there is a lot better then the Prospect Park zoo in Brooklyn for a couple of reasons.  Reason #1; they have more animals.  For example zebras, tigers, bats, and hippopotamus's.  It had a lot more of the fresh air and room for the animals to have fun and play, and relax.  It has a lot more then The Prospect Park zoo because there are not a lot of small cages unless they are little animals. 

                          These are little reasons why we should all go to Tennessee.  We should go to explore the world and different objects, and ideas in it.  I recommend that you go anywhere to explore the world and learn more ideas about your planet because you will be surprised about what you find out.  Unfortunately our time was up and so we headed home.  We had a great time.  I cant wait to go back there next year!