Wow! What a great day gone bad!



Wow! What a great day that went bad!


     What a great start to a day! The sun was as bright as metal shining in the sun. I got up into the light rays and walked out. I was on summer vacation. After brushing my teeth and cleaning my face, I walked to the kitchen when my mom said,” I’m going to go to the train station at Johnstown. You have to stay at Tyler’s house.” Tyler was my friend who lived about half a block away. After I ate breakfast, my mom told me,” If it gets boring at Tyler’s house, tell his mom to come to our house and play.” Then, she gave me the keys and left through the gleaming door into the sunlight. I got ready and walked to Tyler’s house.

     We started to play and after a while, his mom had the urge to go shopping at the nearby general store. We both lived in a row of apartments called Regency Square. In the back left corner, there was a “shortcut” to a nearby shopping center. People went there or the Indiana Mall down one mile or the Wal-Mart down two miles off Oakland Avenue. Of course we walked since the store was so close and Tyler’s mom didn’t have a car or a license at the time. Going shopping was actually the second worst idea of the day

     So we went down the “shortcut”. It was dark since plants covered the place and sticks covered the top. It gets better at the end because the sun gets through when the sticks end. We walked to the general store and Tyler and I went to the toys’ aisle without even telling Tyler’s mom anything. She went on her own way buying groceries. After a while, we started to wonder where Tyler’s mom is. We looked around the store and found nothing. I got the idea she abandoned us. After we went outside, this dumb idea came to my head. I told Tyler, “Let’s go to my house. I got the keys.” He agreed since not showing any sign that he was afraid though he was panicking. We walked back the “shortcut” and got to my house. We watched cartoon network and relaxed a lot. Our faces went from bright red to normal. Ed, Edd, and Eddy was on. Then, the doorknob turned.

    I was really freaked out and I panicked. My mom walked in with flames coming out of her ears and nose. She was screaming,” What where you thinking?! Get over hear right now!” We walked slowly and as quiet as a mouse to Tyler’s house. Apparently, my mom wasn’t really thinking we would really get lost so she told me to go home if you got lost. Well I did and nobody was happy about me listening to mom. Tyler was calm though I saw a little scariness in his face. We found out what happened when we were at my house playing. Everybody was scared. Tyler’s mom got freaked out and called the police. The police were going to house to house just to find us. Tyler’s mom was crying like her son died though he didn’t. My mom was calm and got a lucky guess. She knew we were at our house since she gave me the keys. Everyone tried to calm Tyler’s mom down though she hit a good friend of hers. They gave a huge punishment. I thought it was huge though I don’t now. Two weeks of no television or computer. I just remember that day as an adventure and a fun day. I am doomed to repeat it again.