A splash ih the pool

     I was packing for one of the most wonderful trips ever. I knew I would cherish this day for ever. I kept running back and forth making sure I had everything. My feet were tingling with excitement wanting to dive in the water since I was going to a water park in Secaucus, New Jersey. I just could not wait for all the excitement to happen for example the splashes, dives, the dips and seeing who could hold their breath longer it was all too good to be true!     All I could say to my mom was ‘’ When are we leaving ‘’ or ‘’ can we live yet.’’ She replied to almost all my questions with the same answer ‘’ Wait will be done soon ‘’ or ‘’hold on, honey. ‘’My sister and I wanted to throw everything in and run to the bus stop to get good seats but sadly my mom and Maria took very long to pack the food needed cause we were going to have a little picnic in the grass in the water park . I wanted to scream ‘’ can we live yet ‘’so badly!     Maria is a very close friend she knew me the minute I was born since she was the first person who saw me at birth. Maria is the one who kindly invited my mom, sister and I to this amazing outing.     Maria is a swimming expert I could not wait to learn all the tricks from her to learning how to swim.     Once, we were done packing what needed to be packed we headed out the door. We took public transportation to arrive at the water park. It took one and a half hour to arrive at the water park, it felt like forever. Once arriving we headed to the changing rooms, we began to get out our bathing suits. My bathing suit was pink, orange and yellow. My sister’s bathing suit is blue with flowers. My mom’s bathing suit is navy blue and Maria’s is black. Once I saw the pool my mouth was wide open, admiring the huge pool. I kept trying but I guess I can’t learn on my first try. We eventually chowed down and enjoyed our little picnic. I did not actually learn how to swim, however, my mom said some words that made my day ‘’ we’ll visit the pool again promise! ‘’