" Oh, What A Necklace!" - By Fayel


                                           " Oh, What A Necklace!"

Necklace, necklace, a necklace to give!! Why did I put my own greed ahead of my friendship? The beautiful green and pink diamond necklace was so attractive. The plan was for me and Ashley to buy Tina a gift for her eight birthday. I was cursed by that shining special necklace. The bad deed I’ve done, still haunts me today!

My problem started on Friday, May, 19, 2006 while I went shopping at Kings Plaza Mall for a birthday gift for Tina. I could not bear to give Tina this particular gift I had in mind. I kept wondering and saying to myself and Ashley, " What should we get her, what should we get her????" Well, we had no clue!

While Ashley was looking for a gift with her mother I was helping too! Nowhere and nothing to be found that is fit for a birthday gift for Tina! I kept reminding myself that I had to get her the best gift ever! Suddenly, I came across this beautiful necklace that had pink and green diamonds and was beautiful and rare! So, I ran into the cover glass and leaned my face on it, Wow, wasn’t my face feeling mushy!

Ashley was coming toward me which I couldn’t notice. I was thinking ‘ Why was she staring at me and that necklace when I thought it was so beautiful?’ Well, she said," Hey, great necklace for Tina. She is totally that type of girl. We should get her that." So, she called her mom as I was staring at the necklace until I heard these four words, this, necklace, for, Tina. THIS??? That made me mad! I was furious but, I couldn’t wait to tell Ashley that it was suppose to be mine! I want it but, somehow I couldn’t get the guts for it. Why did I have to be so scared? Oh, right! I totally forgot to say that Ashley is goth and very scary but, unique! So, she usually freaks me out but, this time it wasn’t that! It was something else which I still couldn’t figure out till today!

It was tomorrow, exactly 3:00 on Saturday, May 20th. In thirty minutes, it was going to be time when Ashley is suppose to go receive the necklace. I was nervous! I was a nervous reck! Hey, I thought, I have a plan! Wait , what was it again? Oh yea, I should go tell my mom this. So, after five minutes, I went up to my mom and said, " Mom, I saw this beautiful necklace I wanted. You would make my day if you buy it for me! Please mom?" " Well….. sure! But what did you get Tina?" I felt scared for a moment. So, I then remember that I saw this nice bracelet that Tina would love which was for two. So I described it in detail for her about it. She said, " Oh, I love it! When should we go pick them up with Ashley?" " Well, Ashley can’t come. She said we should bring it and give it in both for Tina."

On that note, my mom said yes and said to get my coat. Instead, I went to call Ashley. Her mom its alright and that I should go get it after I told her, " Ashley shouldn’t come because my mom said that she would love to go get it for us" Now, my mom and I walk outside the door with my Dad as we head out to Kings Plaza Mall.

I was at the jewelry section, trying to find the same necklace I saw yesterday. Now, I kept on looking for an hour, hoping that Ashley wouldn’t come! YES, I found the same necklace from yesterday and I was so happy that I grinned so hard and everyone made a funny look at me! I ran to my mom, almost about to crash her down and lend her the necklace. She just stared and gave me a strange look. After, a while I finally knew what it meant! It means I forgot something and that was Tina’s gift! The stupid thing is IT DOESN’T EVEN EXIST!!!!

So, I went searching and searching up and down for a nice bracelet. Finally, I found one and it was beautiful. I wanted that too but, the necklace was way cuter for me! So, I ran to give in the bracelet now and she loved it!!! So, I was glad that tomorrow is her birthday and I’m going to her birthday with her gift from Ashely and me!

It was May 21, 2006 and I was getting ready for her party. I was going to be extra early and ready for any unpredictable outcomes that may occur. I was getting dressed in a purple princess dress and wearing appropriate makeup for eighth year olds tea party! I was also wearing open-toed black sandals that looked pretty when it shimmered under some light! " Come on now, lets go! We don’t want to be late while gifting her a beautiful gift!"

Late for what? Is it my doom??? I wonder if it is. Well, I went to open the door as my mom came over and lend me the beautiful necklace. " Yea… mommy, why did you give me this?" " Well, I want you to wear it to Tina’s birthday party. It looks nice for the special occasion. I was scared but, what would really happen? So far , everything was alright and anyway, I could just take it of as soon as I see Ashley and put it in my mom’s purse!

So, we reached and I see Tina in an elegant dress looking fancy as ever before. She was staring at my necklace! Did she want it or did Ashley find out and tell her everything? Well, that would totally break her heart! So, I went to her and said " You like??" "Yea, I do and I just don’t like it I love it! Its pretty!" I was feeling suffocated inside!

Finally, I tried to open my necklace but, I could and Ashley came by and said, " Isn’t that suppose to be Tina’s gift for her from us? I was still for a second and confessed," Sorry but, I lied to you about the necklace. I wasn’t staring at the necklace to give to Tina, I wanted it for me, myself, and I! I’m so sorry!" " Okay, and what about it," Ashley asked. I was wondering why Ashley didn’t say anything and Tina was just quiet! I was wondering until my mom came and said, " We knew all about it honey and don’t worry! We are not fully mad at you. This is your first mistake and you should be forgiven! It’s not like you meant it but, you do have to learn that everything is not all about jewelry. It’s not suppose to be all about you. You shouldn’t have been quiet. You should have told your feelings and everything would be alright."

Now , as you can see, I have done a bad deed and learned my lesson! Wait, what’s the lesson, I forgot! Oh, I remember now, you should always tell the truth and never make a lie to protect the truth. Next time, something happens like my story, remember to speak up and be proud! Now, my story is done and I am finished with my first lesson of lying!