Break a bone! Jawaad

Break a bone!             “Ouch, mom my arm hurts”! That’s how I felt when I fell off my soft safe bed. Every moment was agony as I moved my arm. My arm would kill me, throb me, ache me, and hurt me. I was mad and miserable. My arm changed color and shape, it was all swollen and red, and thankfully there was no blood! I anxiously went with my dad to the Maimonides hospital.            I smelled alcohol, coffee and pine sol as we entered the Emergency room.  There were so many people with all different injuries or complaints. Soon it was my turn to see the physician. An X-ray technician in blue clothes took X-rays of my arm. The X-ray room was extremely small. I sat on a metal table, gently the X-ray technician asked me to put my arm on the table to take the X-rays. He used a button to make the table go up and the table go down. Annoyingly whenever he pressed the up button, the table went up and my arm hurt, even worse. Eventually the X-ray technician showed he did not care. Well after all the pain I had, I had to wait for doctor to call me up. When the doctor called me up I confidently went forward thinking everything is going to be all right. I was wrong! The doctor said I broke my arm and had to put a cast on me. I was really depressed. The cast was made of “Plaster of Paris” and it felt like concrete. Later on my friends signed my blue bright cast. It took me 2 months to recover. I learned a big lesson, never stand on your bed.