A Lesson And A Scare


                           “Get up and get dressed” my sister called me. It was seven o’ clock at night. “One minute.” I yawned quite loudly and a screen said ‘game over’. “Mom, Illan wants to stay home to annoy me.” My mother walked into the room noticing I was getting ready. “He is going, calm down, Maria.” I had to go trick or treating with my sister.


                           As I was walking through a crowd of other people with bags of candy, I had a feeling that something was missing. Soon I was… hungry. Before all this, I was at home; watching television on a show that told the history of Halloween and it said how people put poisons in candy. I am very gullible therefore I believed I might eat poison in the candy.


                            On the way, I threw away all the unwrapped candy. I soon came home at about seven thirty. My sister and I walked into the living room and spilled candy wrappers all over the floor. Though I did not touch a candy, my sister ate about three until she found a foul-tasting waffle. She left the room and I, ignoring my fear, took the waffle. ‘Mmmm’, delicious!  I ate the waffle and realized I had not started my homework. “Mom!” I called “I forgot to do some HW.”


    “Do it before dinner or not at all” She replied.


                              I had to do my homework in a couple of minutes. It turned out that I could not do it. I learned a lesson that day, do the things that aren’t fun before you do the things you like.