"Disney The Magic World" By: Maha

                     “No it’s too high! I’m scared of heights.”The sound of the airplane hurts my ears so badly. That day I was wearing a very bright white shirt and bran new jeans with bran new South Pole sneakers. I was eating an outrageous chicken sandwich. The taste of the pickles and fries tasted so good. The sauce of the chicken sandwich was dripping down my cheeks. I never knew the airplane would be so high. I tried not to pay attention to how high I was. Well when we were about to land I said to myself “that wasn’t bad at all.” Before I knew it I can see the palm trees and magic kingdom.  I couldn’t believe I was at Florida.  b                                   I got out of the airplane and the airport was amazing. I was speechless I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. The floor was sparkling I could see my reflection in it. It was so clean. Well when we were walking I saw two people waving there hand jumping up and down. I asked my mom “Do you know does two people jumping up and down.” My mom is like yeah they are the people we are going stay at. I got scared my stomach was grumbling and I felt the floor like there was going to be an earthquake. I don’t know the people I’m going to stay at.  We got even closer and closer to my mom’s friend. My mom went and said hi. I said hi to my mom’s friend and she hugged me. My mom’s friend works at Disney I was so excited. We got in the car and when we were driving I saw a lake I got scared I felt like the world came to an end. I remembered that my dad said. “Watch out there is a lot of lakes there when there are lakes there are alligators.” I was so frightened. My mom’s friend went into the drive way and said we are there. I was like (what!!! I am going to sleep in front of a lake were an alligator could crawl up and eat us.) The next day we were going to the swimming pool. I was so excited. My mom told me to go with my mom’s friend’s daughter to the pool and they’ll catch up to us. I was like ok. While we were walking little tiny creatures were crawling next to our feet. I was terrified I asked my friend what are those animals. She told me they are LIZARDS!!! I was like WHAT I was so scared that lizards are crawling next to my foot. When we got to the pool I asked my friend “are they going to go on our heads when we are swimming?” She said no. my mom came with my brother and when she sat down a lizard was next to her foot and she let out a loud SCREAM!!!! We were all laughing. When we were leaving we opened the door to get out we saw a black slimy snake crawling on the wooden floor. I got scared I made a huge run for it.                                      The next day we were going to sea world. My friend said to go with her on a ride. It looked enormous. On the ride you go up side down and back word.  I hate going on high rides. I waited on the line because I told my friend I’ll go with her on the ride. When I was waiting on the line for 75 minutes it felt like centuries. So when I got to the top I was about to go, but than I said no way I am never going on that ride. She keeps saying can you go on the ride if I give you 5 dollars I said no I was like I don’t care what you say I am not going no matter what.                             So we went to see the show Shamu it was an enjoyable show. We were dry but when the whale hit his tale on the water we got soaked. We were soaked the whole time. In the end I went to pet the sting rays. The sting rays were so smooth. It was so sunny the sun was so bright, so my clothes got dried up a little bit. When we got out from looking at the sting rays it started to rain like someone is pouring a bucket on us. There were lots and lots of lighting.                                                                      The next day we went to magic kingdom. I had so much fun. I went on a breathtaking ride. It was called SPLASH MOUNTAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought I was going to have a heart attack. We had to wait for 2hours on the line. When we were going on the ride my stomach started to hurt. When I got on with my mom’s friend I didn’t feel very nervous I was excited.  I thought we were going to go down that 80foot ride any minute. But we were going down 2feet hills. When we were about to go down the 80foot mountain I put my head down and screamed. I didn’t feel anything but my brother was about to fall. My mom took a picture of us screaming.                                                                                                                      The next thing we did was take our seats for the parade. While we were waiting my mom’s friend bought us a turkey leg. I never ate turkey it was my first time eating turkey. I saw Snow White and Cinderella and a lot of other of Disney characters. After that we went to epcot it was so much fun. I went on another ride. When we sat down the seats go about 50 feet off the ground. That there is a picture in the screen . It feels like we are actually flying in the air. When I got off that ride we ate. I got a Caesar salad with chicken it tasted delicious.                                                             Today I am going to leave. I was going to miss everything at Florida. That sweet fresh orange juice was so delicious. We were waiting for the airplane for about 20 minutes than the airplane came. I didn’t want to leave such a wonderful place. But I missed Brooklyn so much before I knew it I was back home.