I am smarter than they think


     The circuit by Jimenez Franosco is about a girl named Panchito who moves but doesn’t want to. The   Prettiest by Cynthia Rylant is about a woman that most people didn’t think they would ever see in a library writing or reading a book because she had blond hair and has been through a lot and also because she grew up with a lot of kids. In the circuit Panchito tells the reader about what is going on while her and her family moves. The prettiest is about a woman that has blond hair and no one thinks that she would ever be at a library or even read not only because she had blond hair but her parents separated when she was only four years of age and her mother left to become a nurse. Cynthia had to live with her grandparents. In the circuit Panchito makes the wrong decision when she tells her dad that she doesn’t want to move. In the prettiest Cynthia’s parents made the wrong decision by leaving her grandparents because now instead of growing up with her parents now she will grow up with her grandparents.       The Circuit is mostly about a girl named Panchito who tells about where she and her family moves and what they do when they move. Panchito tells us that she and her family are moving to and what they are going to do. She also tells where they sleep and what they really are like yelling and screaming at each other.      In the story The Prettiest is mostly about a woman who worked in a library and created a book and sent it out to get it approved and became the best selling author. She wrote Novels, Paperbacks, Essays, and Short-Story collections. From a woman who was a librarian and her parents separated at the age of four and her mother left to become a nurse and had to live with her grandparents with a lot of other family members she did good.      The theme of the story The Circuit is when something goes wrong it will actually go right. This is theme because Panchito thought moving would be bad but it actually turns out good. The setting of the story takes place at both Panchito old and new house. They are at her old house because they are still packing to go to her new house. The problem of the story is Panchito doesn’t want to move but has to anyway and make new friends. Panchito is a character that wants to get what she wants like not moving and doing what she wants.      The prettiest theme is Cynthia grows up in her grandparent’s house when her parents separated when she was four. When Cynthia was in high school she was interested in comic books and the Beatles. The characters problem was Cynthia’s parents separated when she was four and her mother left to become a nurse. The setting was at Cynthia’s grandmother house, her college, and her house where she became an author. This character Cynthia was a girl who came from a blond haired girl who became the best selling author who thought she wouldn’t be able to do it and she did.      The similarities from the two texts are that they both did something they thought they would never do. Another similarity is that they both lived with at least one of their grandparents. They both had close friends who they talked to. The differences are that Cynthia’s parents left her when she was only four. Panchito lives with both her mother and father. Cynthia is older than Panchito. Another difference is Cynthia is a author and Panchito is not.      As you can see I can make a text to self connection by saying that when I lived at my old house my mom told me to move I didn’t want to but I had to. Another one is a text to world connection Marc Brown who is an author and no one could ever be an author but him but that’s another story.

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