Vickiana's Drama

Vickiana’s Drama            Vickiana gets up every morning so she can look pretty for school, then she goes to the store and says, ‘’let me get a bacon egg and cheese sandwich” to the guy that makes the sandwiches.  She pays three dollars for the sandwich and soda. After that, she meets up with her best friend Nathalie, Nathalie says, “hey girl I see you’re in a good mood today, let’s take a walk.”  After her long walk with Nathalie she enters school and goes to say hi to everybody in her school.  She goes to Ms. Cruz’s class, her favorite teacher. 

            “Hi Ms. Cruz, how are you today?’’

            Ms. Cruz replies, “Hi Vickiana, I’m good and you?”

            Vickiana says, “I’m well.”

             She then leaves, heading to the boys locker and says, “Hi Christopher,” to a boy she likes. Her heart begins to melt as she passes him. 

            Christopher is Vickiana’s love of her life, but the boy she can never see going out with because he has a girlfriend name Crystal.  Rrrrriing.  The bells goes off, signaling the students to go back to class.  She runs to math class. In math,  she eats her bacon, egg and cheese sandwich then starts doing her math work .Vickiana says “ugh, I hate math all I have to do is just pass this grade.’’ In math class she writes in her special notebook she writes poems and special stuff.   She’s in hear own world when suddenly, the familiar Rrrrriing goes off and Vickiana realizes that she is late to English class.  She runs as fast as she can. In English class she does her work and she also wrote a letter to Christopher, telling him how much she loves him and then she puts it in her pocket.  As the clock gets closer to 12:00, she thinks to herself, “finally, it’s almost lunch time and we can finally eat and talk, and I can chill with my friends.”

              In lunch Vickiana eats her food and then buys an ice cream and chills with her friend until the bells ring. Vickiana watches Chistopher pass by with his girlfriend Crystal. Vickiana stops smiling and stays all sad and angry.

            Nathalie comes and asks “what’s wrong Vicki?”

            “Nothing,” she replies and tries shrugging it off.

            “Oh by the way we have to talk, have you seen the new boys in this school?” Nathalie excitedly asks.

            Vickiana replies, “No I don’t think I have.”

            Nathalie says, “Well they are cute girl, I want to go out with one of them.”

             “Oh okay,” says Vickiana.

            Vickiana was looking for the note that she wrote to Christopher.  She begins rummaging through her bag, but doesn’t realize that Nathalie has it.  Nathalie gets up to leave and she goes over to Christopher table at lunch and gives him what looks like the letter she wrote.  She sees Christopher putting the note away for later. When Vickiana looks at Nathalie giving the note she wrote, her face turns as red as a tomato and she’s so angry at Nathalie, shedecides she doesn’t want to be friends with Nathalie anymore. Suddenly Vickiana comes up with a plan to get the letter back.  She sends her friend Carlos who is really close to Christopher to take the note away from him.

          Carlos goes to Christopher and asks, “hey men can I get gum?” Christopher nods and as he reaches for him gum, he takes the note out too and Carlos grabbed it, running to Vickiana.   Christopher catches up to him and says, “Oh that’s how it is? Let’s fight!” He punches Carlos really hard in the face and everywhere else. Vickiana screams, “stop, stop stop hitting him!” they keep on rolling around on the ground, punching each other, so Vickiana left feeling awful.  She was also disappointed and scared because Christopher hit Carlos and he took the letter. After all that drama Vickiana went up to Nathalie and says, “you started all this drama, lets settle all this I want to fight you!” and so they do, pulling each other’s hair and pushing each other. The dean saw them fighting so they each received two weeks of detention.

            “Thanks a lot, you got me in trouble,” Nathalie says. Vickiana remains quiet and goes to science class. In science she had a science test, when she finished it the teacher replied, “Vickiana, one of my smartest students got a 0 on this exam.”  She shakes her head at Vickiana and gives her a disapproving look.  Vickiana just goes back to her seat and starts crying. Everybody comes up to Vickiana and starts asking if she’s okay.  She then tells them she’s okay, but she’s mad and she’s happy that they care so much about her. Again, the bell goes off and she has to run to gym class.  On her way there, she sees that there is a group of people and Christopher is there he is there with her Crystal.  Crystal comes up to Vickiana’s face and laughs in her face .Then she tells everybody in the whole school about the letter that Vickiana wrote.Vickiana was so embarrassed that she starts crying. Then Crystal came up to her and said, “ha ha ha ha ha! You will never go out with my boyfriend, not even in your dreams.’’

             So Vickiana left to the bathroom and cried there until it was time to go home. When it was time, she left the bathroom and a bunch of girls came up to her and laughed in her face.  It was very mean. The next day Vickiana went to her counselor and explained everything that went wrong. The counselor says to Vickiana, “Everything that went wrong was not good. You should of thought about making the right choices.  I understand that you didn’t want anybody to read the letter, but next time, you need to make smart decisions about the choices you make.  You understand?”

            Vickiana said “Thank you so much Ms. Hatfield, you have open my eyes once again.” Vickiana was still disappointed and mad, but she in her mind, she thought, “even though I have talked to Ms. Hatfield I’m not going to stay like this, I’m not going to make people think that I’m a complete loser.”

           Vickiana went up to crystal in lunch time and punched her in her face.  Vickiana and Crystal fought like cats and dogs. Vickiana was the dog and crystal was the cat which means Vickiana beat her up and everybody was laughing in Crystal’s face. Again, Vickiana receives two more weeks of detention and Crystal also received two weeks of detention too, but Vickiana didn’t care. Suddenly, Christopher appears out of nowhere and asks Vickiana “why did you fight my girlfriend?’’ Vickiana didn’t respond so he left with a mad face. He was clearly angry, but Vickiana just stood there and didn’t care at all. Vickiana went to all her classes, she did good in all of them,and then she went to after school detention.  In after-school, there were Nathalie and Crystal. Vickiana didn’t talk to either one of them; she just sat there quietly and waited until detention was over. Then Vickiana went home and started writing.  She wrote poems about the drama that happened in school and other stuff. Vickiana realizes that she doesn’t even love Christopher anymore. She decides she has to move on and start over in all things in her life.  She has a new best friend in her life one that she can trust telling things.

           Vickiana feels bad for what happened to Carlos and she goes out with him now.  They love each other very much. Today Vickiana went to school where she meet up with her new best friend.  She is a true friend and her name is Christina .Christina and Vickiana have a lot of things in common and they share everything and have a lot of fun being with each other. Life for Vickiana is way better because she has a boyfriend that loves her and a new best friend that doesn’t tells the secret to people or gives out her personal note to boys.                              


                                  THE  End : )