Hot Mess


Scene1            Roselly gets up at 6 am in the morning, she lives very far away from her school. She attends to MS.22x JHS which is 167 Morris Ave and she lives all the way in White Planes Ave. That way she gets up at 6 am in the morning and then she wakes up her dog witch attends in the 2nd floor of her school building She LOVES her dog, after they are both awake Roselly takes her dog bath brushes her teeth, brushes her hair then she puts on her clothes, after that she paints her nails with the matching color of her outfit .Then she puts her dog in a cooling cage so that the dogs nails will get dried and so that the dog swon't sweat her outfit.

        After Roselly and her dog are all ready to go they go outside and wait for the x12 bus to take them to 169. And yet if you’re wondering why she stops at 169 when she attends to a school at 167 is because she has to buy her bacon, egg and cheese and a Pepsi. Then they wait for the x35 bus transfer to take them 2 blocks down to 167 (her school).

        Sometimes Roselly argues on the bus because there someday’ s that there are cranky drivers that don’t want pets in the bus. ”But I just want to know why are you carrying stinky ugly dogs around with you like seriously? said the bus driver. None of your business dude and FYI (for your information) my dog does not stink I bet she smells better than you . So as you notice Roselly fights her rights ,  so yea yeah Roselly does have a nice side and the reason why  I tell you this is because she always bags up to extra bacon, egg and cheese with a 2 liter Pepsi bottle for a homeless she always sees when she is on her way to school.

      After she’s done with her street stuff she goes to school. When she gets to school she always reads independently in the early morning so she always reads a different chapter of her book Dear Dumb Diary. She also like telling her teacher in what kind of mood she’s in because if she reacts any type of weird way then the teacher will not get upset with her . And yup Roselly seems weird but that the daily routines in the morning.

Scene 2             So if you’re wondering what kind of other Rosellys has here it goes STRICT!!! . Rosellys mother never let her go out with her friends. One day Rosellys best friends Milagros and Fanny called Roselly and told her ‘’go on My-Space as fast as you can’’ Ok Okay what is the rush,"said Roselly. And so she did her and she said that she had a new comment from a boy named Ryan.

Ryan: Your friends told me that I was the prince of your dreams so I wanted to know if you would like to come over to my house during school?

Roselly: Yes I would LOVE to and btw (by the way) bye I have to go.  Ryan: Wait don’t you need my address? 

Roselly: NO I liked you for so long know that I have even followed you to your house.

Ryan: LOL (laughing out loud) well ok bye. After she signed off of My-Space she pinched herself because she thought she was dreaming, she called her best friends ‘’Oh my god guys why would yah do that?  Without telling me?’’You guys could have at least told me that you guys were going to hook us up” said Roselly. “Oh well we were tired of you just crushing over someone that does not even know you exist,” said Rosellys friends. I am mad at you guys buy my happiness covers it all up LOL said Roselly.

         Soon it hit 8:34 pm and Roselly fell asleep. The next day Roselly did her regular daily routines Roselly was kind of rushing it to go school , and her mom was getting kind of curious and asked her “why are you so worried of getting to school?” Because Amelfy (Which is her cousin is did waiting for me" answered Roselly. But what Roselly didn’t know what was that Amelfy not go to school that day. So yea Roselly went to the boy's house when she was suppose to be in school, that day she went a hour late home.

        Her mom asked “Where were you that you came so late?” “I was with Amelfy in the 161 Mall and Know she drooped me off in from of the building you can even call her and ask her” said Roselly. Roselly was putting herself in a big case because Amelfy didn’t even know that Roselly was putting her in something she had no idea about.

Scene3            Roselly really thought that Amelfy would be there for her in any time but it turned out wrong Roselly went to Amelfy house and said my mom said to call her, Amelfy asked why? “Because I lied and I and said that I was with you after school un 5 O clock so here is the deal you have to tell her that I was with you in the 161 mall eating McDonalds and that then when it hit 5 you drooped me off in front of my house,” said Roselly. NO are you crazy I am not going to lie to titi (In Spanish that means aunt).  If she finds out the truth my mom and aunt will kill me and you know it anyways I did not go to school today so that makes it even worse said Amelfy.
        Roselly started to cry and said I thought you told me that you will be there for me in the ups and the downs what happened to that huh? I am going to be there for you but girl look at it this way I am 2 years younger then you I shouldn’t be the one telling you that you know better and I know you do know but right about know you are totally not showing it said Amelfy. Oh well too bad Amelfy did I ask you for your age or if I knew better? Said Roselly.”Well at times I think I have to remind you because you act like if you are 3 years old. PLEASE I am begging you I swear I would never ever do it again in my life first and last time.  "Pinky swear" said Roselly. There no need for swearing here I already told you my official answer that I am not doing it.

Scene 4-              Roselly did not want things to get  wild out of hands so she called Amelfy and said please you are just making a 3 inch thing into a 9 inch DEAL. Two hours later Mom came home and said, "come on let's go we have a situation to get over with… Call Amelfy Come on LETS GO!" Roselly picked up the phone and she was about 1 centimeter away from hitting the numbers and then she said ok look theirs no reason to call  just let me take a nap and I promise i'll have my Big FAT LONG story to tell you and explain to you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          zZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ  she fell asleep. WAKE UP! Said her mom I want to hear that BIG FAT LONG story of yours. Roselly said, "Ok here it goes what happened was that I was in a  Boys house and I did not go to school today I actually went to a boys house and I spend the whole day kissing him but we did not have anything else. SO earlier in the day today I went to Amelfys house and I told her to lie for me and to say that we where in the  Mall in 161 eating and so she said that no that she was not going to risk it and so I said, "okay forget it" said Roselly. And I am proud of her not lieing said Rosellys Mother.

Scene 5

Mom: Why did you have to do such a thing hunny you could of just told me that you had a little crush and I would of understand.
Roselly: But you are always talking with your friends telling them that I can’t have not even a kiss until I am 18 years old or older.
Father: Hello little young lady you are way too young to be doing things like this.
Roselly: How about we all just understand each other put ourselves in our own shoes and I can have Boyfriends and I tell you guys everything we do and I talk about. –Promise
Father: DEAL               Mother: DEAL                         Roselly: DEAL    THE END