The Life of Jonny


    Jonny wakes up every day at 7am. Jonny gets in the shower for 25 minutes and after that he puts on his cloths and brushes his teeth. Then his mom cooks him breakfast usually scrambled eggs with bacon and orange juice. Then Jonny life’s his house 15 minutes before school starts to talk with his friends about what happen in the school fights and in the fights that happen outside the school.

        Jonny and his friends love to skateboard so Jonny and his friends so they usually talk about what they were going to do after school like going to the park to skateboard or the some alleys that wear great to skateboard and do tricks. In Jonny school there is a kid that is name Zack and that kid is a bully and Jonny is Zack number one victim. Zack is 16 years old and he still in middle school. Zack loves to pick on little kids and when kids try to stand up to Zack they either get beat up by Zack or they get jump by his crew of left back kids that are the same age of Zack. Jonny tries to avoid getting too close to Zack because every time Zack sees Jonny Zack goes straight up to Jonny and hits him or tries to humiliate Jonny by pushing him around, throwing him on the floor or just smacking him around.

         Jonny and Zack used to play together because their moms where best friends so every time Zack mom had to go to work Zack would had stay with Jonny playing together. Then when Zack went to middle school Zack started to become a bad kid. Zack was always a good kid before he went to middle school after that Zack never went to Jonny house then two years later when Jonny goes to middle school Jonny sees a bunch of kids betting up a kid from his class and he sees Zack there kicking the kid on the floor.

          The next day Jonny went to Zack and told why he was hitting the kid from his class and Zack told Jonny that he did it because it was fun. After that the principal was looking for the kids that hit the little kid because they left him seriously hurt and now he did not want to come to school because he was scared of getting hit again and the little kid mom was going to sue the school. Jonny told the principal that Zack Hernandez was one of the boys that was hitting the little kid, the principal told Jonny that not to worry because he was not going to tell no one about what he said.

         After Jonny told the principal a kid was there and he was friends with Zack overheard the conversation and told Zack about what Jonny said. Zack got suspended for two weeks from school. When Zack went back to school he went to Jonny and punches him in the face and told him that if he says anything about what happen that bad things were going to happen to him. Jonny really can’t tell no body about his problems because Zack knows everything about him and Jonny is scared that if he tells anybody he was going to get seriously hurt by Zack.

            Like once Jonny was in the park playing with his friends basketball and like a week before that Jonny told Zack mom that his son Zack was bordering him and hitting him so his mom told Zack that Jonny came and told her that he was hitting him and Zack got mad because he got grounded and could not go outside for a week and he could not use his phone or computer or play his games. Zack went to the park and saw Jonny playing basketball with his friends and went up to Jonny and told him that bad thing where going to happen then after Zack told Jonny that Zack starts to hit Jonny several times in the face and after he falls in the ground Zack starts to kick Jonny.

           After that Jonny goes to his house and does not tell his parents what happens. Jonny was getting tired of Zack so one day Zack does not come to school Jonny goes to tell the principal and tells him about the abuse that Zack was doing to him in school and outside school and tells the principal that he did not tell the principal before because he was scared of hutting jumped by Zack friends the principal told Jonny ok that he was going to talk to Zack when he came to school and he also told Jonny that not to worry cause if anything happens to you Zack was going to get in serious trouble.

               When Zack came to school the other day the principal calls him to the main office and they call his parents to tell them that they have to come pick up their son because he was going to get transfer to a different school because he was in real trouble for hitting kids. After that Jonny meat a girl name Terra he really likes her but he could not get to talk to her because he is shy but in the lunch room a kid like told Terra that Jonny like her so Terra goes to Jonny and tells him that she like him too so they end up going out.