Felita is from Puerto Rico. Felita is 15 years old. She has 3 step brothers and one little sister. Felita live in the Bronx New York with her mother and step father. Felita doesn’t like her step father or step brother, but she still has to take them to school every day. Felitas mother name is Andrea and her step father name is pedro. Stanly, Christopher and Michael are Felita’s three brothers, and his little sister name is Kimberly. The three step brothers are 14, 14 and 16. Her baby sister is 6 years old. Felita has a nice family but she doesn’t like them at all. When ever she has to speak with her step father she feels like she is going to die. Felita loves were she lives at. She has a lot of friends in her neighborhood. Felita almost knows everybody in her neighborhood. Felita has a friend named Mabel Rosario , Mabel is like her sister, they go to school together, they eat together and thery do everything together. Mabel and felita are best friends.One day Felita left to school and on her way she found some friends, they told her that there was a girl that wanted to fight her, but Felita didn’t did nothing. Felita doesn’t like problems at all. Her friends wanted her to fight. She knows she should never pay attention to people like that who likes problems. then she told her friend she was not going to fought that girl and she keep on walking .All her friends were laughing at her because she didn’t wanted to fight  .The only one who told her not to fight was her friend Mabel. Then that girl came up to Felita and told her that she wanted to fight her. Felita said “I don’t want to fight her because I don’t know her”, But Felitas friend kept telling her to fight, and so Felita had to do it. Felita was press by her friends.                   Then she went to class, she knew she did wrong by fighting the girl. Her friend Mabel thinks she did wrong too. After that the other girl Felita fought told the teachers and principal that Felita was the one who started everything. The teachers called Felita out of the room.  They took her to another room and they started to ask Felita a lot of questions about how did the fight started. “She was the one who started the fight by telling people she wanted to fight me”    Felita said. The teacher didn’t believe Felita so; they called her mother and told her that felita was starting problems in school. Felitas mother went t school to see what was happening. Her mother couldn’t believe that felita was doing that at school, which was very weird. When felita got home, her mother was very mad at her because of what happed. She told felita not to do it again. felitas mother was very sad and mad at the same time. She didn’t like when her mother or anybody was screaming at her, so she left outside to play with her friends Felitas mother thought that her daughter was doing those thing because of the girls from her block, because she thinks that Felita fought cause of those friend she has on the block. So, he  mother disied to move to another block.  Felita didn’t like the idea. Her brothers didn’t like the idea ether. But they have to do whatever their mother tells them to do. The next day felitas mother went to look for another apartment. So they had to move to another block where she doesn’t know people at all. Felita was so sad because she doesn’t want to move, she loves her block. Felitas mother didn’t listen to anyone who was telling not to move. After that, they moved to the other block. Felita was having problems with the new people , because the neighbors didn’t like her for nothing. She had a lot of problems and the same girl she fought lives there in that new block they live in. people there called her names and bad things. Felitas brothers were very angry because people from that block was calling her little sister names. Felita try to tell her mother that they were people bordering her but her mother didn’t listen at first. But then her mother realize that it was better for everybody to go back to their old block so they move back and lived happy for ever.