Anthony is a kid that was born in Dominican Republic in September 1994. Anthony came to new York when he was 4 now he’s 15 years old. Anthony has best his best friend name is Michael. Michael is 14 years old. They both like playing baseball. They know each other since Anthony was 10 they met each other in elementary school in 5th grade. Now they’re in high school. Anthony has a girlfriend u know how boys are this days anyways her name is Jennifer she’s 14. Today is September 7th, school starts tomorrow.


              Today is Sunday morning Anthony is going out with Michael and Jennifer they’re going to buy the school uniform and notebooks and pens. Okay no they done buying those things they on their way home. Is Monday morning is 7:00am Anthony just woke up he’s getting ready to go to school. Now Anthony is waiting for Michael so they could go to school together they always way to each other. Walking to school three guys were walking behind them they started saying stuff about them bad things. Anthony and Michael got mad at them so Anthony punch one of them in the nose he went right to the floor he stood in the floor like for 5 minutes while Anthony was fighting with the other one Michael was on the floor because the other dude was bigger then Michael and way stronger then him. While all that was happening a woman saw what was happening she called the cop when the cops came, because the cops were close they where there like in 1 minute.


             So they were on time to stop the fight so the cops arrested them they were asking them question Anthony was nervous because he has never been arrested. They took them to the police station Anthony mom came to pick him up by the way Anthony mom name is Maria. Maria took Anthony to school because it was just 10:25 at the time he had science. They got to school like at 10:50. Okay now is 12 time to go to lunch. In lunch Anthony just talks with his friends. When Anthony was talking with his friends they were planning to go to a hooky party on Thursday.


               It’s 3:00pm they just got out of school  Anthony was going to Michael house to see if he was there because when they were at the police station Maria was trying to take him but they didn’t  let her because is Michael mom that has to pick him up. When Anthony got to Michael house he was knocking on Michael house. His mom open the door she said come in Anthony, Michael was in his room on his laptop chatting in aim Anthony went to Michael room they started talking. Anthony told him what his friends and him were planning he told him about the hooky party Anthony ask him if he wants to go. He was thinking for a few minutes, he said yes of course why not so they were planning they were planning what they would say to there parents so finally the decide what they would say. They’re going to say they going to the library because they have to do a project about global warming. Now Anthony has to go home because is late and he have to go to school tomorrow.


                It’s Tuesday Anthony is doing the same routine as always change go to school go home but today is different Anthony Michael and Jennifer are going to the theater to see a new movie that came out. The name of the movie is avatar,  everyone is talking about that movie. Okay while they were watching the movie Anthony and Jennifer were kissing you know how boys and girls are this days. The movie has just finished they are on there way home. Anthony is taking Jennifer home because he wont let her go alone to her house because is unsafe. Michael is going home by himself, he lived close to Anthony like 4 or 5 blocks away from Anthony. Okay is Thursday today is the hooky party Anthony and Michael already told him were they were going there parents said okay. Now they at the hooky party a friend of them took liquor to the party  so Anthony started drinking with Michael they got drunk that same day  Anthony  got sick so now the problems came Anthony fainted Michael got nervous so he called the ambulance. They took Anthony to the hospital like 3 days later he got better the kid who brought the liquor got arrested. Now they know they would never do that again.