Football, Bro-mance and Hate


Scene 1


                The game is about to finish. I threw the ball as hard as I can. I looked up after they tackled me. I saw Kelvin running as fast as he can. (Wait for it)… YES! He caught the ball, ran, and got a touchdown. We all ran up to him and cheered, all I smelled was water being poured on the coach. You may think “wow” that’s awesome. But, wait until you read what happened two weeks before that. Hi, my name is Ryan Reyes. Quarter back of  the Hulks, Hawaiian, 14 years old, & a ladies’ man. That boy that just made the winning point is my best friend Kelvin Bradford, (used to be).



                           (Tuesday exactly 2 weeks ago, 9:00am)



Ryan woke up, toke a bath, ate breakfast, and went to School. There he went to homeroom. “Hey, what’s up double R (nickname),” said Kelvin.  “Kelvin is my age, 14,funny, hyper, everything Ryan’s not.” Hello, said Ryan. “Have you met that new girl Caroline,” asked Kelvin. Oh really new chick huh? Questioned Ryan. No she’s mine screeched Kelvin. Ryan laughed and said, don’t worry. 





            Kelvin and Ryan met up to get lunch. Right there came Caroline. Kelvin was as nervous he was screeching, “That’s her, that’s her.” Dude chill, whispered Ryan.  Caroline kept walking like if nothing happened. But, a wind of JLo (Jennifer Lopez) perfume. “Whoa, she drowned he self in that perfume.” Ryan didn’t see anything really special about Caroline. But, of course Kelvin did.



Scene 2


                                             (9:00pm Ryan’s thoughts)



                  The rest of the day was funny. Every 30 minutes, I looked back at Kelvin and he was daydreaming. (You already know about whom)… “Kelvin I love you, I need you, I want you, Kelvin come to me, whispered Caroline in Kelvin’s daydream. If only that


actually really happened, Ryan said giggling. Okay now I am going to sleep, football  practice early tomorrow.


                                    (Wednesday, 13 days ago, 6:00am)


              Run, offense, defense, work hard; a bunch of sissy’s, screamed Coach. Coach always in a tough mood.  Kelvin and the team make fun of him in the locker room, laughing and making jokes like, he constipated. But no one dares to say that in front of coach. Usually, we always get really dirty and muddy in football practice. All you can drink is energy drinks and all you smell is sweaty boys running around like if a wild bull is chasing them. Now, it’s the end of practice. Remember we have a game in less than 2 weeks, against the Sharks (rival school), shouted Coach. The sharks are hard to beat even though back in my days we could of make them eat the dirt “coach always showing off”.


                                       (9:00am) – Dingggggggg! (The bell rings)


              Ryan was late for homeroom. So, he was running and accidentally he bumped into Caroline. “Oops sorry” said Caroline. They both glanced at each other and smile. That’s when Ryan noticed that she was really pretty.  Ryan got to class late. He stared at everyone and sat down. Mr. Rodriguez (French teacher) said, Your Late. Ryan replied, "Sorry I won’t be late again. Ryan sat down.  Ryan started smirking. Kelvin looked at him and asked, “Are you okay”?  Ryan replied and said, yea I am. Ryan looked very suspicious. “Oh no she’s in this class; Caroline was talking to Mr. Rodriguez. Kelvin got up, Ryan asked “What are you doing”? Kelvin and said, “Making my move idiot.”


               Everything that Kelvin had planned was going right, until… Ryan got jealous.  So, he stuck out his leg and tripped Kelvin. Everybody started laughing, including Caroline. Kelvin looked at Ryan, and Ryan just shrugged. Kelvin looked at Caroline and started laughing at himself. Ryan was laughing on the outside, but inside he was burning in flames of anger.




            “PARTY! At my house this Friday”, shouted Vicky. (Vicky, 14, popular, and conceited). Kelvin and Ryan were both excited to go. By the way Vicky is (Kelvin’s Ex-girlfriend).


                                         (9:30pm Ryan’s thoughts)


            Woo, what a day, right. I can’t believe I have a thing for Caroline. I can’t tell Kelvin, he’ll kill me. “Even if he’s my best friend.” Well, practice early tomorrow.  I really need to think this one out.


                                    (Thursday, 12 days ago, 6:30am)


         “Okay, you guy’s sit down in a circle,” said Coach. Each of you has to partner up. Teamwork is the keyword to win this game. So pick your partner and start boosting each others energies up. Ryan smiled at Kelvin and gave each other a hi-5.




              “Hey Ryan, do me a favor take these basketball’s to the gym”. No problem Coach said Ryan. When Ryan got to gym. He saw Caroline playing Volleyball with Vicky. “I’ll be right back”, said Vicky. (Yes Caroline is by herself), though Ryan. “Volleyball huh”? said Ryan. Caroline replied “yea, my favorite sport”. “You’re a football star quarter back right”? “You already know me have you been stalking”? replied Ryan. Caroline laughed and kept on playing. “Eww get out of here Donkey,” shouted Vicky. Ryan just threw the ball at Vicky, glanced at Caroline, and ran. Vicky said, “I can’t stand him”. Caroline replied, “He’s not that bad.” “It looks like Double R, Mr. Football star likes you and you like him,” said Vicky in a flirty way. “Not really”, said Caroline. “Yea sure,” replied Vicky.


                                           (Friday, 11 days ago, 8:45pm)


                 “Party time,” shouted Kelvin. Ryan started laughing. (It took like 15 min to get there). “We’re here.” (All you can see is People socializing and hear loud music). Kelvin ran in, and already started dancing. (Oh here we go hyper Kelvin is loose, wish me luck), thought Ryan. Ryan went to the Living room and saw Kelvin dancing with Courtney, (Courtney, softball, 15, in every club, extra curricular programs you can think of). “Dude what are you doing”? Asked Ryan. “HAVING FUN”, replied Ryan. Ryan giggled and went to the backyard. There was Caroline staring at the Fireflies. Ryan just went up to her and starting coming more then just strangers with Caroline. Kelvin saw them talking. But, didn’t say anything.




                    “Lets go Kelvin” said Ryan. Kelvin and I were just silent listening to the radio. Un till… “What were you and Caroline talking about all night,” asked Kelvin suspiciously. “Oh nothing much”, said Ryan. “Double R I knew you since pre-k if I involves a girl it’s never nothing,” said Kelvin is a angry tone. “We only talked about school and icky Vicky.” “Alright, I trust you Ryan, I know you won’t do anything. (Oh nuts I’m screwed, thought Ryan).




                     Homework, work-out, Homework, work-out, hangs out with friends, etc.


                                      (Monday, 8 days ago, 10:30am)


                       “Guess what”? Whispered Caroline to Vicky. “What?”  “I kind of like Kelvin,” said Caroline. “I knew it,” said Vicky with jealousy. Meanwhile, while the girls were talking about Double R. The boys were in football practice. “When you have the ball, don’t think about everyone else; only think about the other side of the field,” shouted Coach. . Kelvin goes deep! Ryan threw the ball, and Kelvin caught it. Yes, that’s what we need in the game vs. the sharks. “Now hit the showers good practice. Good practice right Jake? asked Kelvin. (Jake, 15, jerk, popular). Jake nodded yes.




-Football Practice.

-Classes (US history, French, ELA, Mathematics, Science, etc.


-Football Practice.



                   (Thursday, 5 days ago, 2:22pm: where it all went wrong)


                 Vicky and Caroline were in Lunch. “I dare you to kiss double R, Mr. Football star”, Vicky said to Caroline. “Ohm Okay,” replied Caroline. “But I like Kelvin not Ryan.” “Just Do it,” shouted Vicky.




                   Ryan! Shouted Caroline. When Ryan turned around, and Caroline kissed Ryan. Ryan was surprised, he was also excited. But, he didn’t know that Kelvin saw the whole thing. Kelvin went up too Ryan and started at him with so much hate.


                                         (9:30pm Ryan’s thoughts)


                  What did I do? Why did she do that? Am I going to regret this? Would he ever forgive me? I need to think this one out, Good Night, and wish me luck, thought Ryan.


                                              (Friday, 4 days ago, 6:23pm)


                    Partner up! Reyes, Bradford start challenging each other, said Coach. Kelvin kept tackling Ryan, over and over. Ryan got mad and punched Kelvin. They started fighting. Jake and the Coach separated them. Kelvin stormed off, leaving football practice into the locker room. “What’s wrong with you two, aren’t you two best friends? Asked Coach. “Not until he backstabbed me!” “Well you better leave your drama out of my practice,” screamed Coach.




            Vicky explained to Kelvin about the bet. “Forgive him please,” said Vicky to Kelvin. Kelvin realized what he did, but, he didn’t want to be the one to apologize.


                                   (Saturday-Monday Ryan’s Schedule)



-Home work





                                       (Tuesday, big game!)


                    Yes! We won the game! Screamed Coach. Ryan decided to apologize to Kelvin. Kelvin gave him a pound, and explained to him about the dare. Ryan laughed and said “Dude she likes you”! Kelvin turned around and smiled at Caroline. Caroline said “I’m new so I had to get my reputation, and I wasn’t going to start saying no to kiss Ryan; but, I’m sorry”. Kelvin kissed Caroline. Vicky stormed off. (But, who cares)? Caroline took Courtney and went up to Ryan & said, “Ryan she always liked you.” Ryan looked at Courtney and said, “Oh really.” Ryan looked at Kelvin and they both winked and went to go celebrate.


                                              (THE END) !!!